Travelling on train's rooftop is fatal - Mahananda Express video

People have been warned a hundred times against travelling on the rooftop of trains. The high tension wires are dangerous, but some people don't take it seriously. I apologize for uploading such a gory video, but I feel it is necessary for the train commuters to have a look at it for two reasons:
  1. Never ever even think of travelling on the roof of a train
  2. If you find someone doing so, please raise an alarm... it can save someone's life
I would like to thank the commuter who shot the video and gave it to Zee News, and to myPOPKORN for making it available online. I really feel sorry for the man who died a horrible death on the spot as soon as he touched the wire... it was like a blast... I could never imagine that these wires can be this dangerous.


Excerpt from myPOPKORN: May 29, 2009: A freak accident claimed the life of a commuter when he tried to hold onto an overhead high tension wire above a train in Etawah town of Uttar Pradesh.

The passenger, who was said to be mentally disturbed, was on the rooftop of the stationary Mahananda Express when the incident occurred.

He was immediately electrocuted much to the shock of the other passengers at the station..."

Mumbai local trains - every second matters

I hop, skip and jump to get into the trains day in and day out (now you know my weight loss secret). Every single second makes so much of a difference... if I slow down a little bit, I might miss a connecting train, and then miss the next connecting train. And then get late, feel guilty the entire day and wait for another day.

Worst part is when at times to avoid any risk of missing my first train for the day, I take a rickshaw to my next halt only to get a glimpse of my second train bidding goodbye to me!

Life and Mumbai local trains have their own ways of teaching people the importance of time.

Girls travelling in Mumbai local trains - Request No. 1

Hey gals, it's cool to try out various haircuts and all, but are you sure your hairstyle is not causing any botheration to fellow travelers?

If you have long or curly hair and you happen to board a crowded train, please ensure that your hair's not irritating the one standing behind you. Some girls who even tie up a ponytail keep moving their head like a pendulum! Are you sure you are not constantly hitting the face of the person standing behind you?

Just take your hair in front / use a scarf and people will really appreciate your effort!
That's my request number one (on behalf of all female travelers of Mumbai + Navi Mumbai local trains) in this new request series on the Bombay local blog.

Do write in with your feedback, rants and suggestions.

New Bombay / Navi Mumbai Local Trains Timetable

Latest update:
New timetable has been introduced from February 2012: Thane Vashi Local Train Time Table 2012

Older post: 
I try to update this blog on local trains with the latest timetables. Now, for your quick reference, here's a list of links to the timings of trains to / from the Navi Mumbai area.
  1. Panvel to Thane trains
  2. Nerul to Thane trains
  3. New Thane-Vashi-Thane trains
  4. Thane-Nerul-Panvel trains

Do let me know if you are aware of any new timings / trains.

Panvel to Thane trains timetable

Somehow I missed updating the timetable for the Panvel-Thane trains. On request of my readers, here are the timings. As always, I think you should keep 10 minutes buffer time.

There are 2 Panvel-Thane trains as per my knowledge. They leave from Panvel at:

9:16 am
6:52 pm

Hope it helps you guys. Do let me know if you have any feedback or an updated timing?

UPDATE 1, 2nd Feb 2010: Fast trains to start on Panvel-Thane route from5th Feb 2010. Click here for the timings.