Obscene graffiti and phone numbers in local trains

Boarding a ladies compartment (am unsure about the gents compartments)
in local trains and finding obscene messages, drawings or phone
numbers with names scribbled on the seats and walls
is a reality.
Almost all of us end up looking away and ignoring them. Little do we
realize that the number might belong to an innocent person, someone
among us and might become the cause of great embarrassment and
After reading the story (Mumbai Mirror 29th October
2009) about the girl whose phone number and name were given away, I
believe that it's about time we act. The next time you see a message
or obscene graffiti or phone numbers scribbled in the local trains,
kindly bring it to the notice of the railway authorities. This is the
least we can do to make our daily mode of transport a better place.

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Anuradha Khanna Pentapalli

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It’s not a strike? Local trains running late, NDTV website has a different story

Alright, while the other news channels and websites are talking about motormen going on strike due to various issues, NDTV says the trains are late due to a different reason. Well, if you know the truth, do let us know.
ZEE News

Central Railway motormen strike update; Trains running late

Motormen strike update: Trains are currently running 20-40 minutes late (on 26th October 2009, at 4 pm).

If you have the latest update, do let us know.

Trains strike: Central Railway motormen on strike; local train services affected

Mumbai's Central Railway motormen have gone on strike today (26th October, 2009). The strike started on Monday afternoon and many trains were seen stationed between CST and Byculla stations.

As per reports, 140 trains are cancelled. Talks are in progress and apparently motormen are refusing to do overtime. As per Zee News, motormen are protesting lack of action against the guilty in the Thane bridge collapse incident wherein a pipeline fell on a moving train that led to the death of a motorman and 2 others.

There wasn’t any strike when we left for work in the morning. Now that we are already at our workplaces, the motormen decided to go on strike. Wondering if the strike continues how would the local train commuters reach home. As if the Thane train accident (23rd October, 2009) following the pipeline falling on the train was not enough to make poor commuters suffer!

Thane train accident update -Travel to Thane via Kurla-Vashi-Thane route

Following the Thane train accident (23rd October 2009)and disruption of services, the railway authorities have taken a fast and smart step to ensure that commuters reach their destinations without much difficulty. Announcements are being made and notice boards been placed at stations that if commuters want to travel to Thane they can go to Kurla, take a train to Vashi and then take the Vashi - Thane train.

Though it is a good move, there is quite some panic among the passengers. Getting in and out of the train is extremely tough. Worst is the platform number 7 of Kurla from where people can board the train to Vashi. At 6:30 pm, when I took the last bridge (Vashi end footover bridge) the platform was so packed that the crowd was standing even at the base of the bridge. Of course, I managed to somehow get in the train since ladies first class was not crowded. But I am sure it had been very tough for the men and the female commuters taking the second class. At every station,we could hear men shouting and stuffing themselves inside the compartments. One bad day in Mumbai local trains :(

Train accident between Thane and Mulund, Pipeline falls on Central line train

A water pipeline fell on a moving train between Thane and Mulund stations today (23rd October 2009). The train was moving from CST to Kalyan i.e. Central Railway's mainline. The incident happened around 10:45 am. As of now, there is news of six commuters being injured. I hope there are no casualties. The motorman (driver) and some passengers are trapped under the debris.

Obviously, train services are affected as the debris is being removed. In fact a few trains are stuck at some stations. A source tells me that there is a lot of water wastage happening due to the pipe burst and the flooding due to it is affecting the operations.

UPDATE - Kurla station is very crowded now at 6.30 pm

Mathura Train Accident - Goa Express Rammed into Mewar Express

Goa Express from Vasco and Mewar Express from Udaipur were about to reach Hazrat Nizamuddin station on their way to Delhi on 21st October 2009. Apparently, Mewar Express had halted on its track near Mathura when Goa Express moving on the same track rammed into the last bogey of Mewar Express. Unbelievable but true. Innocent passengers, who perhaps were on their way back after Diwali vacation, had to suffer. For no fault of theirs, they are in pain, physical and mental.

Now what? Inquiries? Blame game? Politics? It will continue for a while and the news about the accident will fade away in a few weeks (or days). Only those unfortunate victims of the train accident will have the shock engraved in their minds. When are we going to be serious about safety issues? Two trains on the same track at the same time? It is such a shame. The same railway authorities that make us proud by helping thousands of passengers reach their destination every single day, make us feel ashamed of them with such carelessness. I think they 'realize' that they must do something about such fatal accidents. The question is - are they really doing something about it?

Thane Vashi trains getting crowded by the day

When I started travelling from Koparkhairane to Vashi in the morning peak hours, it used to be great. More often than not, I'd get a place to sit and travel super-comfortably. But gradually, commuters in Thane-Vashi line are increasing and it's close to packed in some trains during the morning peak hours. I am talking about the tiny ladies first class compartment, don't know much about the rest. In any case, I really think they should increase the frequency of trains in this line. Also, we need trains after 11:10 pm too. Can't believe the last train from Vashi to Thane leaves at 11:10!

Latest update:
New timetable has been introduced from February 2012: Thane Vashi Local Train Time Table 2012