Bombay local - people in view are larger than they appear

Yeah, on my journey back home yesterday, a much stronger lady tried to fit herself in a space between me and the 4th-seat-stubborn female. She obviously ended up resting herself on my lap. Hello! I understand that the female was tremendously tired and needed rest, and when that dumb 4th-seat female wasn't ready to shift a bit for the benefit of all, the stronger female was left with no choice but being my laptop!

So I got up and went to find another place, incidentally facing these 2 females. after a while I heard some noise, of course, the ladies were fighting. The strange part is that I was quiet, trying to forget, the stronger female was quiet, trying to forget. The people who were fighting were the 4th-seat-stubborn female and an onlooker of the entire episode. The subject of the fight: Why the hell the 4th-seat-stubborn female doesn't compromise!

Damn. All I and the stronger female did was shared some blank and tiresome glances.

The worst was: I lost my favourite comb on the seat I left. I miss it so much :(

Bombay local - A train from Thane to Dadar

We were returning from a friend's kid's first birthday and it was around 9:30 in the night. Travelling in the central line is a rate thing for us and so we kept hopping from one platform to the other to catch the first and fast local possible. Finally, we got in a fast train that halted at Thane station.

The train had 4 types of people:

  1. Those who use Bombay locals to catch up with some sleep after a hard days work.
  2. Those who carry 10 times more luggage than their actual weight.
  3. Those who read books to make the most of their train-travel time.
  4. Cinderellas like my friends who need to reach home before the clock strikes 11 p.m.

While we rejoiced on finally catching that local, there was something that erased all the tension. The train was moving like a F1 car. At least people like us who travel within Bombay by the western line will vouch for it. Damn, it was tough and exciting to stand at the door at that speed. Our fast trains in the western line must be slower than the slow train in this route.

Try travelling by a fast local in the central side and trust me you'll forget all your perceptions about this less popular route of Bombay local trains.