Goregaon local to Churchgate time table

Those who reside in Goregaon and have to travel towards Churchgate only know what it is like boarding a train from Goregaon station at peak hours. The 'Goregaon locals' as we all call them are however a boon. Of course, you need to practice the timing and tricks to board these trains staring from Goregaon Platform number 4 in case you really want a place to sit. This is where your judgment counts, but I sure can help you with the timetable of Goregaon local trains.

Remember these are fast trains that halt only at Andheri, Bandra, Dadar, Mumbai Central and then become slow.

Here you go:

Kurla to Panvel trains, new platform at Kurla possible

If you are among those who change platforms and trains at Kurla station to board a train towards Panvel, you must have always wondered:
"Why can't there be starting trains from Kurla to Vashi/Panvel?"
"How can they expect us to board a packed train coming from CST at overcrowded Kurla station?"
"Why can't I get a place to sit if I have a 'smaller' distance to travel? Most of the people commute up to Wadala / CST and seats are always occupied!"

And when you travel in the opposite direction, from say Kalamboli to Sanpada, the questions are similar, aren't they.

But there might be a respite, sooner or later. As per today's news (Soon, trains to Panvel could start from Kurla - Hindustan Times), CR wishes to build an additional platform (number 9) at Kurla for trains going up to Panvel. If this happens, Navi Mumbai trains will have starting and terminating point at Kurla!

But don't celebrate already. The proposal will first be sent to Mumbai Rail Vikas Corporation. And some CR sources think that this idea might not see the light of the day as it will involve huge costs.

C'mon, we spent crores for CWG infrastructure that won't be much useful for the aam junta after the games. It makes sense to spend some money here instead, doesn't it?

Central, harbour line mega block timings today

Central Railway will operate a mega block today on Sunday 26th September 2010 for carrying out maintenance work. Here are the mega block timings and all you must know if you are planning to commute by local trains using Mumbai's central / harbour line today:

Mega block between Kurla and Vashi: 11 am to 4 pm
Vashi to Mumbai CST: 10.21am to 4.16 pm
Mega block between Kurla to Panvel: 10.38 am to 4.08 pm

Special local trains will be operated between CST-Kurla and Vashi-Panvel.

Harbour line commuters can travel on the Thane-Vashi-Nerul line on their valid tickets during the mega block.
Info courtesy: The Times of Navi Mumbai

Raju Srivastav on Mumbai trains, funny video

Mumbai local trains personified! Enjoy the way Raju Srivastav enacts the plight of a crowded local train. Also enjoy in this video - how to catch a seat, the way a local train fan counts the people, the way a train handle enjoys the non-peak hours, the way people pray offer flowers at stations that have some famous temple closeby and much more ;)

Will a separate body run local trains?

I just came across an article in Hindustan Times newspaper . It appears that instead of our Western and Central Railway, a separate body might manage Mumbai's suburban rail network! Now this new entity might ensure punctuality and quality of the train services. As for now, the charter of this demand has been submitted to the officials from the Railway Board in Delhi. Click on the link ‘Separate body to run city trains’ to know more.

Mega Block timings today; Central, Harbour line

Central Railway will operate a mega block today on 5th September 2010 for carrying out maintenance work. Here are the mega block timings and all you must know if you are planning to travel by local trains in Mumbai today:

Mega block on Matunga to Mulund fast track: 10.30 am to 4 pm

Fast trains leaving from CST will run on slow track from Matunga to Mulund during this time and will halt at all stations between Sion and Mulund.

Mega block from Kurla to CST: 11 am to 4 pm
Mega block from Wadala to Bandra: 11 am to 4 pm
Mega block from Bandra to Wadala: 11 am to 4 pm

Harbour line trains from Panvel / Belapur / Vashi for CST will run on Central Main Line from Kurla station  from 10.40 am to 3.54 pm and will not stop at Curry Road and Chinchpokli.

Some harbour line train services will remain suspended for some duration as follows:
Mega block from CST to Bandra / Andheri: 10.47 am to 4.03 pm
Mega block from Bandra / Andheri to CST: 10.41 am to 3.48 pm

Info courtesy: The Times of Navi Mumbai

Dahanu-Boisar-Vasai to Panvel train timetable

Very few local trains connect the long distance from Dahanu to Panvel. Here are the timings for the Dahanu-Boisar-Vasai- Panvel connectivity:

5:30 am train from Dahanu reaches Panvel at 8.55 am
4.40 pm train from Vasai reaches Panvel at 6.25 pm
8.30 pm train from Boisar reaches Vasai at 9.40 pm

Also, a 6.35 pm train from Vasai reaches Boisar at 8.10 pm