No trains between CST and Masjid stations on 15th and 16th August

As per the reports, one of the biggest Central Railway mega block will take place from 15th August to 16th August (night). Local trains will not run between CST and Masjid stations during these 48 hours. This major and crucial step is taken by the railway authorities only to add to the long-term convenience of the commuters.

During the mega block, a huge amount of work will be undertaken at Masjid station including increasing length of platforms for 12-coach trains, creating a seventh track and dismantling the old road over bridge.

On 15th and 16th August, local trains will run up to Byculla or Dadar. Also, Harbour line trains will run up to Wadala station.

We must appreciate that the Central Railway finally took this step and also preferred to carry out the work on a weekend to avoid inconvenience to us. First the super-effective SMS campaign, now this amazing move… Central Railway is improving a lot!

Local train at Vashi arrived and left before time!

Alright, the 8:42 train (in which the first 3 coaches are for ladies) came and left earlier by just one minute, but then there are hundreds like me who reach running to the platform at 08:42:10 hours! Thank God, that one day I reached at 08:40:33!

Trains, chaahe toh thoda jaldi aao, par time pe station se jaao.

Trains on time at Vashi, still got late

It didn’t rain today and the trains were running almost on time. Still I got late to work by a few minutes! Damn, though the train to CST arrived on time (8:53) at Vashi station, it was so crowded I couldn’t even find a centimeter of space to board it. Looks like all those who bunked office in the last 2-3 days due to rains decided to resume today.

I had no choice but to wait for 14 minutes coz unfortunately there isn’t any train until 9:07. That’s a huge gap in frequency at peak hours! We must have at least two trains reaching Vashi Station between 8:53 and 9:07. What do you think?

Trains, Rains and Me in Mumbai – 14th July 2009 Morning

I couldn’t sleep last night for 2 reasons. Firstly, I was completely unwell. Secondly, the sound of breeze with heavy rainfall was frightening enough to awaken Kumbhakaran from his sleep.

So for me, there was no question of sleeping until late due to the sleepy rainy climate. I got up from bed with fever and acidity but I was sure I’ll be able to make it to work... somehow I have the tendency to reach office almost on time especially when it’s pouring kutte billi.

I managed to catch my regular train from Koparkhairane, coz it was a few minutes late. Then I managed to catch a train starting from Vashi almost instantly, coz it was some 45 minutes late. And then, what I was expecting happened – the train wasn’t crowded! I knew that Navi Mumbai janta will leave late from home until they are sure that the local trains are running properly.

Getting off at Kurla and rushing to another platform for my last train in the morning too was like cakewalk – no cheekhna chillaana, no pushing on the foot-over bridge, no giddiness. But soon I faced reality when I started feeling like mayonnaise in a burger… smashed like hell in the crowded compartment. The overcrowded train appeared to prove to the tortoise that it was slower and steadier. Not to blame the motorman of our CST bound local train who was taking utmost care to ensure that the train moved smoothly as water logging had started on the tracks. I noticed people near Tilak Bridge station walking in knee-deep water (zero exaggeration) and wondered if the situation in Parel would be the same. Fortunately, I escaped water-walk at Parel and reached office just a few minutes late.

Well, so my journey to work on a bad rainy day was pleasant enough – not drenched, not very late and all. But then, the day was going too good to be true. Things aren’t that perfect always, are they? Here’s about my return trip.

Mumbai water logging news - Rains hit rail, road traffic

Rail, Road Traffic Affected as Rains Hit Mumbai: Jul 14, 2009: Rail and road traffic in Mumbai got affected as rains hit the city on Tuesday.

Local trains on both the central and western lines were running 20-25 minutes late.

Water logging was reported from low-lying Parel, Sion, Andheri, Vadala, Hindmata, Santacruz, Dadar and Mulund...

As on 14th July, 11:30 am

Mumbai local trains status - Trains running late again due to heavy rains |

Last night it poured very heavily in Koparkhairane, though I have not much idea about other parts of Navi Mumbai / Mumbai. But obviously, the trains were running late and how! I boarded an 8:15 Vashi local to CST only after 9. The CST bound trains from Kurla too were running late. In fact, it took me over 30 minutes in the train from Kurla to Parel station.

I hear (television news) that there’s water logging on many tracks, though Mrinal just told me that at around 11:30 am there wasn’t water logging on Wadala tracks as is appearing in the news. Perhaps it’s an earlier footage. Anyways, the best way to know about the current state would be to call up friends who travel on your regular route.

I also hear (television news) that there’s a high tide at around 4 pm.

Do keep updating the status here.

As on 14th July, 2009 (11:30 am)

Water logging outside Parel / Elphinstone station - July 8

There’s water logging outside Parel / Elphinstone station on the west side. To take bus no. 137, walk up to the main road (under the flyover). It’s a good idea by BEST as people need not stand in the rain water and have the flyover as the roof.

As on July 8 (12 pm)

Water logging - Wadala and Chunabhatti railway tracks

Reports of water logging on Wadala and Chunabhatti railway tracks due to rains are pouring in.

As on 8th July, 2009 (10 am)

Kindly post your updates on the comments section below.

Mumbai local trains late due to rains

Mumbai local trains on the Panvel-CST route are running around 20-25 minutes late today. Trains even on the Kurla-CST route are running pretty late. Obviously, stations are crowded.

Stop littering from local trains – You are educated aren’t you?

At least once a week, I meet at least one commuter who’s about to litter from the local train. And I am talking about the educated lot. I don’t understand just how many times these people need to be told “don’t throw this outside”!

Well-dressed office-goers enjoy munching packaged chips, chocolates and sipping fountain drinks. And before you know out goes the wrapper or the cup! For that matter, used train coupons and old season tickets find abode on the platforms or beneath the seats of local trains.
Why? Would you litter in your living room and bedrooms too? Then why litter anywhere else? How much effort does it take to carry an extra bag to dump things / dedicate a pocket in your handbags to keep used wrappers / just carry the used wrappers or plastic cups and discard them at the dustbins provided at the stations?

I don’t think we need to be explained why we must not keep throwing kachra at all those places we don’t intend to place our feet on. Stop littering around and if you notice someone doing so, just ask the person to stop.

World-class stations just an idea, can't be implemented: Lalu- Hindustan Times

lalu Prasad Yadav who has been claiming to upgrade 26 railway stations to world-class level, today set the cat among pigeons by quipping that it was just an "idea" which cannot be implemented.

His comments, made in his typical style during a debate on Railway Budget in the Lok Sabha, gave a handle to the BJP which said his "serious" remarks put a question mark on UPA government's promises.

BJP member Ananth Kumar was taking the government to task on rail projects announced in the budget by Railway Minister Mamata Banerjee and commented that "sab kuchh Bangal, baaki sab kangal (all projects for Bengal, the rest are beggars)"... Read more here:
World-class stations just an idea, can't be implemented: Lalu- Hindustan Times

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Bandra to CST trains' time at evening peak hours / night

Bandra-starting trains / Bandra local trains are a boon to those who hate crowded trains / travelling on footboard. I seldom use that route but many commuters, especially who take a connecting train from Wadala station, prefer to board a Bandra-starting train.

Bandra-CST trains' timing should have come well in advance on this blog. Well, better late than never. Here's the timetable for Bandra-CST trains at evening peak hours / night time:


Note: This timetable is as on July 5, 2009

Mamata Banerjee’s Rail Budget 2009 - Highlights or Lowlights

Minister of Railways Mamata Banerjee presented the much awaited Railway Budget 2009-10 on July 3. Here are the highlights / lowlights of the Railway Budget which she says will have approach for 'inclusive growth' and expansion of rail network to take development to every corner of the country:

1. Passenger fare and freight tariff are not decreased (wonder why all the sites are being too positive by saying ‘not increased’)

2. 50 world-class stations (let’s see, by the way who’s defining ‘world-class’ here)

3. 57 new train services, extension of 27 trains (btw by when will these services start?)

4. Increase in frequency of 13 trains (only 13? Is this enough? Maybe…)

5. Proposal for 7 new railway lines, gauge conversion of 17 lines and doubling of 13 lines (no idea what this doubling bit means)

6. Proposals to be processed for 53 new railway lines, 3 gauge conversions and doubling of 12 lines (now what will happen to these proposals is a different thing)

7. Improvement in Tatkal scheme - advance booking period to be reduced from 5 days to 2 days, minimum charge to be reduced to Rs 100 from Rs 150 (this is good… amazing)

8. Improvement in quality of railway catering (I hope so… most of the people I meet prefer to pick up eatables sold at the stations where the trains halt instead of ordering food from pantry; some people I know would rather stay hungry; I however don’t have much issues with the pantry food available in the trains I travel by)

9. 12 non-stop and point-to-point long-distance ‘Duronto’ trains and air-conditioned double-decker coaches for inter-city travel (interesting!)

10. Ticket availability – tickets will be available at post offices and mobile ticketing vans (this is cool, why wasn’t it ever proposed earlier?)

11. Introduction of women RPF Squads (commandos)

12. Safety - modernization of signals, digital ultrasonic flaw detectors, track renewals (great as long as it works out)

13. Izzat – a travel with dignity scheme where people in unorganized sector with monthly income up to Rs 1,500 can get monthly season ticket of Rs 25 for travel up to 100 kilometers (this is good, I have no idea how much paperwork would this involve)

14. Student concession to be extended to students of Madrassas; Kolkata students to enjoy concessional monthly season tickets facilities for Kolkata Metro Rail (I think there should be dedicated student coaches at rush hours)

15. Ladies special EMU trains in Delhi, Chennai and Kolkata during rush hours (mahila ka budget, mahilaayon ke liye!)

16. Yuva trains

17. Media / press to get concession of 50% instead of 30% (aish hai!)

Source: myPOPKORN, Indian Express , The Economic Times

Yuva Trains Proposed in Railway Budget by Mamata Banerjee

Wondering what are Yuva trains? Well, in the railway budget 2009-10 Mamata Banerjee has proposed these special trains. Yuva trains will bring a breath of relief to the young generation and the low-income groups. The tickets of these air-conditioned Yuva trains will be reasonably priced.

Mamata Banerjee’s Speech on Railway Budget 2009 – First Look

Mamata Banerjee in her third Railway Budget spoke about the following things among others:

50 international-level stations
Reasonable food
Better washrooms
Shopping malls at railway stations
Medical help in trains
Female commandoes
Ticket availability at 5000 post offices and 500 mobile vans

Will keep you updated as I get more information on Railway Budget 2009-10.

Post Script: Updated info on Railway Budget and mamta Banerjee's speech (text)

Watch the video of Mamata Banerjee's speech here:

Railway Budget (India) - Mamta Banerjee vs Lalu Prasad Yadav

Mamta Banerjee will soon present the Railway Budget for 2009-2010. In the past years, whatever said and done, I found quite some improvements in the railways… of course, many to-be-improved things are yet to-be-improved. But more or less, it was okay. Now with Mamta Banerjee coming into picture, I am not quite sure of the state of things to come. If the fares are reduced substantially and the train services (including frequency, food and facilities at stations) are improved, I would be pleasantly surprised.

Still, I would miss watching Lalu Prasad Yadav presenting the budget. The way in which he presents the budget is amazingly interesting. What with the shaayaris and rhymes! Even if you don’t like the railway budget, at least when he’s announcing things in his peculiar style, you don’t feel bad instantly.

Here are some of the interesting lines by Laluji when he presented Railway Budget 2008-2009:

Sab keh rahe hain humne gazab kaam kiya hai,
Karordon ka munaafa har ek shaam diya hai,
Phal saalon yeh ab dega, paudha jo lagaaya hai,
Seva ka, samarpan ka, har farz nibhaya hai


Nayi kathni, nayi karni, nayi ek soch laye hain,
Tarakki ka nayi parasmani hum khoj laye hain

Hope Mamta too will impress us… not by the shayaris but by the improvements!

Watch what to expect from Railway Budget in this video:

Will try to update this blog on Mamta Banerjee’s speech while introducing the Railway Budget 2009-2010.

Rail Budget 2009 – Expectations from Mamta Banerjee

A “pro-people” budget is expected from Mamta Banerjee tomorrow. Though a reduction in train fares is expected, it might not be a drastic one. Well, I just hope the services and train timings are improved, and there is provision for building sufficient foot-over bridges at every station. Rest, we just need to wait and watch!

Read The Times of India news on Rail Budget here.

Trains delayed due to wire snapping at Mulund

As per reports, local trains on Mumbai’s central line were delayed today (2 July 2009) due to an overhead wire snapping at Mulund railway station at around 5:45 in the morning. The wire snapped at Mulund station’s platform number 1 - 2. Apparently, north-bound services have been restored on the slow track, but repair work is still on.
Source: Indian Express

Central line trains are running late

Central line trains are running very late today. It seems there a problem at Mulund station is causing the delay. A friend who stays at Bhandup just told me that the platforms are so crowded that you can hardly make out anything. Ditto at Kurla… I somehow managed to get in the first class ladies compartment, only to be bashed by the rain as I had no choice but to travel at the footboard.

My friend says that slow trains haven’t arrived at Bhandup station since long. My cab driver said that trains didn’t arrive at Mulund since early morning. There was some announcement at Kurla station, but as always I couldn’t get a single word. If you have any info on this, please update on this blog and help the central railway commuters stay informed.