See someone around you feeling sick? PLEASE HELP

If you ever see someone fainting or feeling sick or someone who just met with an accident, in your train or on the road or just anywhere, for God sake don't simply think, "He'll be fine" and walk away. I urge you to raise an alarm or do whatever you can do to help without wasting a single second. Last night, perhaps a woman could have been saved if people around her had come to her help before it was too late.

We talk about the spirit of Mumbai all the time... when some people saw a woman in a train last night and she was just not well, I hear they simply went and sat somewhere away from her. I heard she got in the train at Elphinstone Road and it was only at Andheri that some nice people, as soon as they came to know about it, pressed the panic button and helped her out. And I must tell you, thanks to the men who got in the ladies compartment when it became general compartment at night (and of course also a few nice ladies) at least some effort was made. What happened to the others who were watching her since Elphinstone Road? For those who ignored her... she is no longer with us, may be she could have been saved. Let's be nice people, we are humans with a heart and soul, right?

Mumbai local trains - graffiti

Enter a ladies compartment of local trains and you would generally notice lewd graffiti scribbled wherever your eyes wander. However, the other day, I was more than impressed. There were green patches painted over what earlier used to be embarrassing and irritating words! The railway officials seem to help us out and make our travel a little bit easy.

Not just that, on the same day, at the same time, in the same compartment, a policeman too was present. Wow, now that's what I call a safe and pleasant journey. Hope that we don't come across lewd statements in railway compartments anymore and there's a policeman / policewoman to ensure our safety during late hours. Unless, of course, we all learn karate so that the police attends to other important tasks.