Railway Emergency Number Really Helps

Last evening on my way back home, I took a Kurla local that left from Parel at 6:49 pm. I reached the station at the last minute and hence boarded the last second class ladies coach of the train. Fortunately, I got a place to sit as well.

But soon after the train crossed Matunga station, there was a loud thud near the door / window of the train (the east facing side). Obviously what followed was a little panic, but thankfully the women did not over react. Of course, then we all tried to find out if someone got hurt, did some miscreant throw a stone at the train etc. Thankfully, no one was hurt. No one could make out any sense, but obviously people got a bit scared. Also, the sound was too loud to resemble anything close to a stone hitting a compartment.

It made sense to inform the railway authorities about the incident. So I called up the Railway Emergency Number 222620800 that is provided in the compartments. It was not an IVR number and as always the official on the other side was very attentive.

He asked me the details when I requested him to check if some miscreants are throwing stones / if there is any other problem. I have no idea about what happened after that, but the way the official assured me that he will send someone to check the situation, I knew he will take care of it.

I thank and appreciate the official (I do not know his name) and the railway authorities for the help.

Andheri to Panvel train timetable

Listed below are the Andheri to Panvel local train timings. The local leaves from Andheri station at the following timings and it takes around 1:30 hours to reach Panvel station:

7:42 am
8:40 am
9:33 am
12:25 pm
6:16 pm
6:37 pm
7:09 pm
8:19 pm
9:11 pm

PS: The train takes a 3-8 minutes halt at Wadala / Vadala station and then moves in opposite direction, so don’t get worried if you find it weird.

Friday the 13th - 2 coaches of a local train derail at CST station

Local trains (Mumbai central line) were running late in the morning of 13th November 2009. But the commuters were unaware of the reason. This time, 2 coaches of a train from Kasara derailed at platform number 6 of CST (Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus) station. The derailment happened at 7 in the morning obviously affecting the train services in the central line.

By the way, on 11th November too a train from Kalyan had derailed at CST. On November 4, 12 coaches of Gandhidham Bangalore Express from Ahmedabad to Bangalore derailed at Dombivli. What's wrong with the Railways? Or are these derailments sheer coincidences?

Extra local trains on November 11 - Cyclone Phyan in Mumbai

As per NDTV report, railways will be running extra local trains from 2 pm considering the cyclone Phyan hitting Mumbai on November 11 2009.

Thane to Vashi trains running late

Am waiting at Koparkhairane station for quite some time now but no train has arrived from Thane yet. Don't know the reason yet.

Accident on NCR railway tracks

12 people, including a 2-year old child, lost their lives on NCR railway tracks in NCR on Tuesday, 3rd November 2009. Six people died while crossing the tracks while 6 gangmen were run over by a goods train barely 12 hours after the first incident. Read the Times of India report here.

3 Train-related accidents in India in one day, what’s with number 12 today?

Few minutes ago, I wrote about the Gandhidham Bangalore Express derailment at Mumbai’s Dombivli. As many as 12 coaches of the train had derailed. And as I searched the internet for updates on the same, I came across this Times of India report of 12 people losing their lives on railway tracks in NCR in two incidents separated by 12 hours.

Of course, in the second case the people who were crossing the tracks did the wrong thing, but still the locals then beat up railway staffers (as if crossing tracks is allowed). True that I am not from that area so I don’t know if people have some other option to reach on the other side of the tracks. Am sure if the motormen could have stopped the train running at that speed, they would have done so.

I urge again – Please do not cross railway tracks.

Gandhidham Bangalore Express accident helpline numbers

The Gandhidham Bangalore Express derailed at Dombivli in Mumbai today. The railways have provided helpline numbers in case you need to know any information about your friends / relatives traveling by the Gandhidham Bangalore Express. The helpline numbers available on NDTV website are listed below:

Ahmedabad - 079 22161313
Gandhidham - 02836 228049
Surat 0261 2418132
Vadodara: 0265 2225735
Vasai - 022 67638006

Gandhidham Bangalore Express derails at Mumbai’s Dombivli

Gandhidham Bangalore Express from Ahmedabad to Bangalore derailed at Mumbai’s Dombivli. As per early reports 12 coaches were derailed. Around 12 passengers are injured as per the current news ad no casualties are reported. The passengers have been shifted to another train while the rescue operations are in process.