Indian trains to have 5-digit numbering system

With Indian Railways running over 10000 trains everyday, the four digit numbering scheme for the trains had to be changed. The five digit train numbering scheme has been finally announced. So the train numbers will now have a prefix (number 1). This will be applicable to all scheduled, express, mail and superfast trains.
Read more here.

Mumbai railway stations map for local trains

While travelling by local trains, it makes a lot of sense to know which station would come before your destination station. So here's the map of the Mumbai local train network. Know the sequence of stations and the various routes in the Western, Central and Harbour lines.

Please Note: This map is not as per scale.

Harbour line completed a century

We can’t stop praising it, we can’t stop complaining about it. But Mumbai local trains’ harbour line that completed a century on December 12 has come a long way and has improved a lot over the years.

The first trains ran between Kurla and Reay Road stations in the year 1910. And 100 years on, we have the extended harbour and trans-harbour routes with 38 trains (and counting) on the harbour line! The 9-coach trains are gradually advancing to 12 coach. Of course, we are still adjusting to figure out which compartment will halt where at the platforms... but it appears that a year from now we would have more convenience.

Number of passengers travelling daily on the harbour line – Over ten lakh!

There’s so much to the impressive history of the origin and development of the harbour line. Mr Rajendra Aklekar’s article tells us more about it.

When the train did not stop for Roma

She lost her balance on the train when her head hit hard on the tracks. Commuters did pull the chain, but the train never stopped. Poor Roma Talreja, all of 21, lied in an unconscious state on the tracks between Ghansoli and Rabale stations on Friday, 10th December 2010.

But she is not all that unlucky. Fortunately, Baleshwar Mishra saw her fall from an train passing on a Vashi-bound train. The brave-heart jumped off from his train hoping he might be able to save someone's life. He did save her!

But what if it was not for him? Why was the train not stopped after the chain being pulled? All right, the train slowed down and the guard did look around. But what was his calculation? Shouldn't someone have approached the compartment to figure out why was the chain pulled in the first case?

Now while the authorities are continuously warning us to use the FOBs instead of crossing tracks and losing our life, what about the warning (chain-pulling) we give to them when a life is in danger? God bless Baleshwar and make life easier for Mumbai's local train commuters.

12-coach trains on Thane-Vashi-Nerul-Panvel route

Convenience for trans-harbour commuters is touching new highs month after month! From today, 18 local train services on the Thane-Vashi-Nerul-Panvel route will be converted into 12-coach services!

How I had to walk a bit ahead at Vashi and Koparkhairane stations on Thursday as the trains halted a bit farther than their regular place (reaching the extended part of the platforms). It was an indication for the new times to come. And we get the news of the 12-coach trains starting from today. Here is the timetable of the trans-harbour services which will be 12-coach:

Click here for Thane-Nerul-Belapur-Panvel timetable

Click here for Panvel- Nerul - Thane timetable

Click here for Thane-Vashi Time Table

Andheri to CST train timetable

Andheri starting local trains to CST station leave from platform numbers 6/7 on the west side of Andheri station. The frequency ranges from 20-30 minutes. It takes the train 42 minutes to reach CST from Andheri! The time taken by the train to reach Wadala is 24 minutes.

Here's the Andheri-CST local trains' timetable:

Afternoon magic - CST to Vashi

Sipping some coffee by the window, listening to music and watching cute kids playing around - welcome to Mumbai local trains during afternoons!

I took a Panvel train from CST station around 3 pm today and the long journey was a true stress-buster! I picked up a cup of coffee from one of those Cafe Coffee Day stalls at CST station (just for Rs 7), calmly walked towards the CST-starting train and was pleased to get a window seat.... aaraam se. No dhakka-mukki, no tu-tu-main-main... the train was heavenly. Slowly the train started getting occupied and before I knew there were 2 toddlers around me.

Watching them as they wanted to stand by the window and the way they were excited about traveling by the train was wonderful. A little girl, I suppose she was around 3, was elated as I asked her to sit at the window seat. She was the elder one, elegantly holding her tiny purse and calling out her little sister who was not even 2 years old. This cutie had all eyes on her with her cute expressions and all the masti. Soon someone besides me had to alight. She got to sit next to me and she held my hand as if I was known to her. Playing with the paper bag I was holding was great fun for her. The elder one by now was dozing off... the way we have our falling-asleep-head-jerk in trains! Their mom and grandmother, who wore a traditional navvari saree, were all very cool too!

And so I thoroughly enjoyed my local train trip to Vashi... after all 2 little smiling angels gave me such a sweet company!

History: WR discovers 12th century stone inscription!

A fellow blogger Mr Rajendra Aklekar has been fascinated by the relics lying around the Central / Western Railways since long. He has been providing interesting information and insights on his blog. He is working towards documenting and archiving those silent structures that so vividly tell the tale of the glorious past and is working towards it.

Check out his latest article on Western Railway discovering a 12th century stone inscription at Mahalaxmi scrapyard. The inscription originally unearthed at Nallasopara has been lying at the scrapyard for over 25 years! Check out the interesting details about the stone here.

An Ode to Mumbai Local Trains

Here's an article by one of us, a Mumbai local train traveller Madhusmita Sahoo:

I hate travelling by the Bombay local trains. Yes, get that sneer of your faces, 'Bombay' used because that's how I like it . 

If being tall, thin and ungainly aren't bad enough, I also had to be a middle-class chick who has to travel by suburban trains that resemble miniatures of Nazi’s torture cells. 

To begin with, I can see the top of everyone's head. Another way to put that is: every now and then someone buries her pate in my face. Lice, dandruff and cheap hair oil are just a few things that I have resigned to have my face scrubbed with. The only worse thing I can think of is being a shortie. In which case, you are forced to bury your face in somebody's armpit.

I seldom get my clothes ironed. Because...Click here to continue reading - An Ode to Mumbai Local trains

PS Thanks Madhusmita for letting me share your article

Guess the railway stations

So you frequently commute by Mumbai local trains? Let us see how well do you recognize the railway stations. Identify the stations in the following photographs:

Mumbai Railway Station - 1

Mumbai Railway Station - 2

Mumbai Railway Station - 3

Mumbai Railway Station - 4

Timeless Trains: Photographs of Mumbai local trains

It goes unsaid that most of us are fascinated by Mumbai local trains. We often see people on platforms or trains clicking photographs, wonder why they are clicking and later forget about it. But these naive as well as professional photographers and journalists capture the world around our magical trains and make the moments timeless.

I came across this wonderful picture taken by Mr. Deepak Amembal (of Magiceye fame) and thought it's worth sharing such lovely photographs with you all. While he allowed me to share his photograph on this site and then earlier Neeraj had helped me out with his photographs, I got another idea.

From today, this site shall feature some amazing Mumbai local train photos. If you think you have just the right image, please share the link. We'll have the collection with the links displayed right here, in this post.
Here we go!

Pleasant monochromatic view from a train 

Unfortunate train derailment

Mega block timings today for Central and Harbour line

Sunday the 14th of November 2010... time for Mumbai Local Trains Mega Block!

If you plan to commute by local trains today, you must know that like every Sunday, Central Railway will be operating a mega block even today. And here are the timings when the local train services will be affected:

Mega Block, Deserted Tracks
Local trains will not run from Kurla to Mumbai CST from 11 am to 4 pm.
Trains will also not run between Wadala (Vadala) and Bandra (both directions) from 11 am to 4 pm.

However, up harbour line services leaving Kurla will take the main line route from 10.04 am to 3.54 pm but will not stop at Curry Road and Chichpokli stations.

Harbour line trains will not run from CST to Bandra / Andheri  from 10.47 am to 4.03 pm.
Harbour line trains will not run from Bandra / Andheri  to CST from 10.41 am to 3.48 pm.

Thane and Kalyan fast track line will face a mega block between 10.45 am and 4.15 pm. Fast trains from Kalyan from 10.30 am to 4.09 pm will run as slow trains on the slow track between Kalyan and Thane stations.

Soon only 12-coach trains on Western Railway

 Looks like female commuters will have to run lesser now. Western Railway plans to convert 32 9-coach local train services to 12-coach from November 14! That means no need for women to stand at the platform guessing where the ladies compartment will halt.

If you travel from Goregaon station, you would know that women end up running a stretch of three compartments based on whether the next train is 9-car or 12-car. So if you don't end up boarding a 9-coach train due to the peak-hour crowd, you need to rush back and forth, because mostly these 9 / 12 car trains run alternate!

News source: DNA

Fast, faster, fastest local trains

If you thought that Mumbai's fast local trains aren't fast enough, here's a good news. According to sources, by the end of the year Mumbai will have fast trains that can run at a top speed of 130 kmph. Our regular local trains can run at 110 kmph at most. The trains are being brought from Integral Coach Factory in Chennai and feature imported machines and parts from Austria.

Special care has been taken to prevent the fast trains from shaking... brakes are directly provided to the wheels of the bogies. So you can now expect a jerk-free faster journey.

News Source: Hindustan Times

Yet another train derails in Mumbai!

I can't believe there was yet another train derailment in Mumbai. Thankfully no one got injured, but let that not make the derailment a "casual" affair. The fact is that derailment happened and that lives were at risk. Now I wonder if the train derailments have only increased over the past few months or is it that we are learning about these incidents only now???

Today (22nd October 2010), a Bhayander to Dadar fast local train derailed between Borivali and Kandivali in the western line. The incident happened at a non-peak hour, at around 4.15 pm as per TOI.  

Click here to check out the derailments that happened in the recent past and you would know how this problem must be attended to immediately.
13th April 2010: Garib Rath Express train derailed between Kalyan and Shahard stations 
13th April 2010: Kalyan-CST fast was short-terminated after people saw smoke. A goods train de-coupled between Wadala and Kurla stations. 
18th January 2010: Panvel train derails near Belapur station 
13th November 2009: 2 coaches of a train from Kasara derailed at CST

A fast train that slowed down

Getting up on a Monday morning is such a drag. No amount of decibels is good enough to get me off the bed. And once I am awake, I know I am bloody late for work. Another stupid late mark!
I stay at Koparkhairane and my office is at Colaba. For those who think Koparkhairane is on one corner of the earth, it is partly true. It takes around 15 minutes by rickshaw (11 minutes by local train) to Vashi, 50 minutes to CST (from Vashi), 10 minutes to Colaba (by bus). Do the math to know the total time I need to travel all the way to work.

So this Monday morning I thought “Hey I’ll take a fast train from Kurla.”

I mentally calculated 15 minutes to reach CST (will reach office on time, boy am I smart!). Bearing the brunt of the force from Mankhurd and Govandi (I travel second class till Kurla), I got down at Kurla station. Walking swiftly, I reached platform number 6 (I suppose) to catch a fast CST bound local. It arrived in seconds... I boarded. Everything was on schedule till Byculla. While I was constantly looking at the watch and thinking to hell with another late mark, the train stopped. Snail-paced it went ahead. Bloody it took 10 minutes to reach CST, and to add salt to the wounds, the Harbour train that I had 'smartly' left passed by the station and reached before CST my train.

The conclusion: Wake up early or you'll get late for work, no matter how hard you try to reach on time.

-Contributed by Mrinal

First morning local trains' timings

Someone visited this site today and asked me about some early morning trains. Thanks to the person, Thomas, I realised that we must have a list of the timings of the first local trains that leave from various stations early in the morning. Here you go:

The first local train from Andheri to Borivali leaves at 4.10 am
The first train from Andheri to Churchgate leaves at 4.04 am
The first train from Andheri to CST leaves at 5.17 am

The first train from Bandra to Borivali leaves at 4.03 am
The first train from Bandra to CST leaves at 4.10 am
The first train from Bandra to Virar leaves at 4.41 am
From Bandra to Bhayandar leaves at 6.58 am
The first train from Bhayandar to Virar leaves at 5.50 am

The first train from Churchgate to Andheri leaves at 5.49 am
The first train from Churchgate to Bandra leaves at 6.40 am
The first train from Churchgate to Borivali leaves at 4.25 am
The first train from Churchgate to Goregaon leaves at 7.31 am (fast train)
From Churchgate to Malad at 10.09 am (fast train)
From Churchgate to Mumbai Central at 10.42 am
From Churchgate to Vasai at 7.14 am (fast train)
From Churchgate to Virar at 4.15 am 

From Churchgate to Bhayandar at 5.03 am (fast train)

From Dadar to Virar at 5.04 am (fast train)

From Mahalaxmi to Andheri at 7.06 am
From Mahalaxmi to Borivali at 5.12 am

From Mumbai Central to Borivali at 5.25 am

PS: Will try and update this list as soon as possible

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Indian Railways New Ad

Such a sweet ad promoting Indian Railways:

National ID numbers for Mumbai's local trains

Looks like Mumbai local trains will have a unique identity number as per this NDTV report - Now, unique national ID numbers for Mumbai's local trains

Here's an excerpt from the article on how the system will work:

For WR: The first digit is 9, second shall indicate the terminals and the other three numbers will reflect the starting/final destination. Thus, 0 has been assigned to all trains originating/terminating at Virar, 1 for Vasai Road and Bhayander, 2 for Borivli, 3 to terminals of Malad and Goregaon, and 4 for Andheri, Bandra and Mumbai Central.
Read more here.

I wonder if these 5-6 digit numbers will make our travel life easier or further complicate it. What do you think?

Bag lost and found in train in 11 minutes!

A lost bag situation at the end of a very hectic and stressful day actually eliminated all my stress. Here are the 11 minutes of rapid action at Navi Mumbai stations that make me proud of my hubby, my brother, my sis-in-law and myself (whatever happened to my modesty ;)):

10:38 pm: Me and my husband alight at Vashi station from a Belapur bound train we had boarded from CST station.

10:39 pm: As we climb down the stairs, my husband realises we left behind our bag on the rack of the train's general compartment; the train already departed from the platform.

10:40 pm: RAPID ACTION: He plans to catch the next train while I decide to report the lost bag to the Vashi station master's office. I take note of the time for the calculations that would be required in the next few minutes.

10:41 pm: I rush towards Vashi's platform number 1 exit and inquire a guard about the station master's / manager's office. He tells me it's at platform number 4 (this you must always remember). I rush to the 4th platform when an idea strikes me.

10:42 pm: I realise that my brother and sis-in-law who stay near Seawoods station might be reaching home around the same time. I call them up when my sis-in-law quickly tells me that my bro is at home and he might be able to reach the station. I tell him about the situation and ask him to try and board the train that will reach Seawoods station around 10.49 pm.

Meanwhile, I struggle to find someone at the station master's office in vain. I reach the other entrance and find a man standing inside... he might have been the station manager / someone with similar authority. He struggles to read the timetable and asks me about the compartment, the train's departure time from CSt etc etc... while my husband and my bro are almost in a position to recover the bag from the train. I give the minutest details to the railway person and my bro. I tell them I don't want people to find an unattended bag in the train and panic especially on that day (Ayodhya verdict day).

10.49 pm: By the time the railway person understands the information and the time table, and picks up his phone to tell someone authority at Seawoods to board that compartment, my bro calls up. He recovers the bag!!! Poor fellow however is unable to alight at the same station as the train already left for Belapur. And he ends up getting a dent on his Blackberry in the process of searching through the previous train as well and hurriedly alighting from the same, thankfully unhurt.

Ahh!!! It was one exciting event and we went home congratulating each other and treating ourselves with an ice cream while happily swaying the bag!

Goregaon local to Churchgate time table

Those who reside in Goregaon and have to travel towards Churchgate only know what it is like boarding a train from Goregaon station at peak hours. The 'Goregaon locals' as we all call them are however a boon. Of course, you need to practice the timing and tricks to board these trains staring from Goregaon Platform number 4 in case you really want a place to sit. This is where your judgment counts, but I sure can help you with the timetable of Goregaon local trains.

Remember these are fast trains that halt only at Andheri, Bandra, Dadar, Mumbai Central and then become slow.

Here you go:

Kurla to Panvel trains, new platform at Kurla possible

If you are among those who change platforms and trains at Kurla station to board a train towards Panvel, you must have always wondered:
"Why can't there be starting trains from Kurla to Vashi/Panvel?"
"How can they expect us to board a packed train coming from CST at overcrowded Kurla station?"
"Why can't I get a place to sit if I have a 'smaller' distance to travel? Most of the people commute up to Wadala / CST and seats are always occupied!"

And when you travel in the opposite direction, from say Kalamboli to Sanpada, the questions are similar, aren't they.

But there might be a respite, sooner or later. As per today's news (Soon, trains to Panvel could start from Kurla - Hindustan Times), CR wishes to build an additional platform (number 9) at Kurla for trains going up to Panvel. If this happens, Navi Mumbai trains will have starting and terminating point at Kurla!

But don't celebrate already. The proposal will first be sent to Mumbai Rail Vikas Corporation. And some CR sources think that this idea might not see the light of the day as it will involve huge costs.

C'mon, we spent crores for CWG infrastructure that won't be much useful for the aam junta after the games. It makes sense to spend some money here instead, doesn't it?

Central, harbour line mega block timings today

Central Railway will operate a mega block today on Sunday 26th September 2010 for carrying out maintenance work. Here are the mega block timings and all you must know if you are planning to commute by local trains using Mumbai's central / harbour line today:

Mega block between Kurla and Vashi: 11 am to 4 pm
Vashi to Mumbai CST: 10.21am to 4.16 pm
Mega block between Kurla to Panvel: 10.38 am to 4.08 pm

Special local trains will be operated between CST-Kurla and Vashi-Panvel.

Harbour line commuters can travel on the Thane-Vashi-Nerul line on their valid tickets during the mega block.
Info courtesy: The Times of Navi Mumbai

Raju Srivastav on Mumbai trains, funny video

Mumbai local trains personified! Enjoy the way Raju Srivastav enacts the plight of a crowded local train. Also enjoy in this video - how to catch a seat, the way a local train fan counts the people, the way a train handle enjoys the non-peak hours, the way people pray offer flowers at stations that have some famous temple closeby and much more ;)

Will a separate body run local trains?

I just came across an article in Hindustan Times newspaper . It appears that instead of our Western and Central Railway, a separate body might manage Mumbai's suburban rail network! Now this new entity might ensure punctuality and quality of the train services. As for now, the charter of this demand has been submitted to the officials from the Railway Board in Delhi. Click on the link ‘Separate body to run city trains’ to know more.

Mega Block timings today; Central, Harbour line

Central Railway will operate a mega block today on 5th September 2010 for carrying out maintenance work. Here are the mega block timings and all you must know if you are planning to travel by local trains in Mumbai today:

Mega block on Matunga to Mulund fast track: 10.30 am to 4 pm

Fast trains leaving from CST will run on slow track from Matunga to Mulund during this time and will halt at all stations between Sion and Mulund.

Mega block from Kurla to CST: 11 am to 4 pm
Mega block from Wadala to Bandra: 11 am to 4 pm
Mega block from Bandra to Wadala: 11 am to 4 pm

Harbour line trains from Panvel / Belapur / Vashi for CST will run on Central Main Line from Kurla station  from 10.40 am to 3.54 pm and will not stop at Curry Road and Chinchpokli.

Some harbour line train services will remain suspended for some duration as follows:
Mega block from CST to Bandra / Andheri: 10.47 am to 4.03 pm
Mega block from Bandra / Andheri to CST: 10.41 am to 3.48 pm

Info courtesy: The Times of Navi Mumbai

Dahanu-Boisar-Vasai to Panvel train timetable

Very few local trains connect the long distance from Dahanu to Panvel. Here are the timings for the Dahanu-Boisar-Vasai- Panvel connectivity:

5:30 am train from Dahanu reaches Panvel at 8.55 am
4.40 pm train from Vasai reaches Panvel at 6.25 pm
8.30 pm train from Boisar reaches Vasai at 9.40 pm

Also, a 6.35 pm train from Vasai reaches Boisar at 8.10 pm

Mega block timings on central / harbour line today

As on all Sundays, CR will operate a mega block today (8th August) as well for carrying out maintenance work. Here are the mega block timings and all you must know if you are planning to travel by local trains today:

Badlapur and Bhivpuri Road: 10.45 am to 12.15 pm
Matunga to Mulund fast track: 10.30 am to 4 pm

Fast trains leaving from CST will run on slow track from Matunga to Mulund during this time and will halt at all stations between Sion and Mulund.

Kurla to CST:              11 am to 4 pm
Wadala to Bandra:      11 am to 4 pm
Bandra to Wadala:      11 am to 4 pm

Harbour line trains from Panvel / Belapur / Vashi for CST will run on Central Main Line from Kurla station  from 10.40 am to 3.54 pm and will not stop at Curry Road and Chinchpokli.

Trains cancelled:
CST - Karjat: 9.30 am to 10.44 am
CST - Badlapur: Local trains that leave CST at 9.24, 9.36, 9.45, 10.15 and 10.48 in the morning
Badlapur - CST: Local trains leaving Badlapur at 11, 11.17, 11.46 in the morning and at 12.02 pm & 12.25 pm
CST to Bandra / Andheri:  10.47 am to 4.03 pm
Bandra / Andheri to CST:  10.41 am to 3.48 pm

Info courtesy: The Times of Navi Mumbai

Central / harbour line mega block timings today

As on all Sundays, CR will operate a mega block today as well for carrying out maintenance work. Here are the mega block timings and all you must know if you are planning to travel by local trains today:

Matunga to Mulund fast track: 10.30 am to 4 pm

Fast trains leaving from CST will run on slow track from Matunga to Mulund during this time and will halt at all stations between Sion and Mulund.

Kurla to CST:              11 am to 4 pm
Wadala to Bandra:      11 am to 4 pm
Bandra to Wadala:      11 am to 4 pm

Harbour line trains from Panvel / Belapur / Vashi for CST will run on Central Main Line from Kurla station  from 10.40 am to 3.54 pm and will not stop at Curry Road and Chinchpokli.

Trains cancelled:
CST to Bandra / Andheri:  10.47 am to 4.03 pm
Bandra / Andheri to CST:  10.41 am to 3.48 pm

Info courtesy: The Times of Navi Mumbai

Sweet little kids in local trains

Or should I say little bundles of joy! The other day I was returning home after a hectic schedule. It was around 5 in the evening when I boarded a local train from CST station to reach Vashi. I was so tired, I just wanted the time to fly by. And then, a toddler comfortably seated in his mom’s arms beside me, started playing with my hands. He would smile and wave at me, touch my palms with his tiny fingers and cutely smile when I’d tickle him. He even offered me a pink handkerchief he was holding as a toy. He so made my day! I now wanted the time to slow down ;)

A few stations before Vashi, I decided to stand by the door and enjoy the breeze. And then, another toddler seated right behind me started tickling me! As if the previous one told him to do so after I tickled him. You should have seen the child’s naughty smile whenever I turned to look at him.

These little kids surely make our day with their cute and innocent acts and make us wonder why are we so stressed out in life! What do you think?

Trains running late again due to rains

It has been pouring and how! And you won't be surprised to know that the Mumbai local trains are running late today. So, plan your day accordingly!

How good is your Cutting Chai?

Cutting chai is irresistible if you are from Mumbai. Be it a chai tapri near our offices or a tea stall at a railway station, we do observe but love to ignore the unclean glasses, the houseflies and all that I need not mention. After all, nothing beats the magic of cutting chai.

Now the big news is that the tea stalls at railway stations have come under a scanner. As per today’s TOI report, railway staff has collected samples of tea, tealeaves, tea powder and milk from stalls at several railway stations. Hopefully in a week’s time, we’ll come to know how adulterated (or clean) the tea we drink is. But what if the report says that it’s all unadulterated. What about the way the glasses in which tea is served are cleaned?

All said and done, one thing’s for clear – if we are used to having the chai ki chuski at the railway / roadside tea stalls, we will never be able to resist the urge. It’s like telling cigarette smokers that smoking is injurious to health!

Time for my tea break! Do let me know if you have / will continue to have tea from the stalls no matter what.

Mumbai railway police is indeed alert and active!

I just stumbled upon this DNA article and could not help but share it with you. This piece of news will sure make you feel more secure while travelling by Mumbai local trains. It's a perfect example of how the railway police is alert and keeps an eye on every suspicious activity at the stations.

A person was sent by the authorities to check on the awareness of the on-duty railway police personnel at Thane station. The person / dummy purposely moved around with a briefcase at the station and raised suspicion. An alert constable nabbed him and what followed was quite interesting, impressive and at the same time embarrassing for someone. Click on the original article to get the complete picture. is our new address!

The blog has been now shifted to

Welcome to our new address!!!

Good Samaritans in Mumbai local trains

This is your blog post!

That's right. I've spoken a lot in this blog. Now it's your turn. How often it happens we come across a stranger who helps us in the smallest possible way in a Mumbai local train and before we can even see the good Samaritan's face, he / she disappears in thin air!

Well, this is your chance to thank the person... who knows the good soul might be reading this! Inviting you to share any good deed in the Mumbai local trains... a person offering you a seat, someone just giving you a smile on a dull day, someone helping you alight from the train when you give up all hope...For instance, I was trying to board a Vashi local last week with a heavy suitcase. This guy saw how inconvenient it was for me and helped me out. It made my day after a super hectic traveling schedule!

So what are you waiting for? Pen your small / big experiences in the comments section and I'll update it on this blog post (of course, with a link to your blog... in case the person you are thanking needs to say "welcome"!)

And here you go!
Mumbai Paused (hope the link is right): "I once passed out on a very crowded peak hour Malad to CGate fast. I don't remember much but I was offered place to sit and drinking water materialised out of thin air. And I was allowed easy passage out at Mum Central." 
Niket: I don't understand how the Mumbaikars failed to comment on this one... This incident happened with me when I was traveling in the 2nd class compartment toward Borivali during the peak hour and this man literally sneezed on my back and by the time I turned, everyone was staring at me (instead of at the person who sneezed). Anyways, my sincere vote of thanks to that ill mannered rustic creature! And now you would wonder what the hell on earth has pricked my grey matter that here I am thanking a prick who should have received a good sounding instead. Imagine, a friend of mine was actually sneezed at, RIGHT ON HIS FACE! hahaha...
Ozymandias: And this I heard in the train yesterday. A passenger sitting by me suddenly addressed another one sitting nearby.
P1: "Friday maine dekha tha tumko." (I saw you on Friday) P2: Hmmm P1: Tum peeke gutter mein pade the...(You were drunk and lying in the gutter) P2: Haan...(Yes...) P1: Aaj sab theek hai? (Is everything alright today?)
And I said to myself, "Wow". Either P1 respected that P2 was a mature adult who could be expected to take care of himself and know good and bad; and yet respected him as an individual and equal OR P2 was such a callous person that he would let his friend rot in the gutter as he passed by, and then insensitively raise the issue next day! Humans never fail to surprise! 

Wadala to Belapur / Panvel new timetable

Here's the updated Wadala (Vadala) to Belapur / Panvel time table effective from 29th May 2010.

PS: As you can notice (in red font), some local trains are leaving Vadala station within an interval of 15 mins. If there is some error in this time table, do let us know.

Thane-Nerul-Belapur-Panvel trains' timetable

New train services are introduced on the transharbour line (Thane-Nerul-Belapur-Panvel) from 29th May 2010. Listed below is the updated time table:

PS: As you can notice (in red font), some Thane to Nerul and Thane to Panvel local trains are leaving Thane at almost the same time. If you are aware that some Thane-Nerul trains have been converted to Thane-Panvel and if there is some duplication in this transharbour line time table, do let us know.

Click here for Panvel-Nerul-Thane latest timetable.
Click here for trans-harbour line's 12-coach local trains timetable.

Mumbai local trains status

16th June 11 am update: Western line trains running 20 mins late
Central and Harbour line trains also running late

Central Railway gets better than WR

I stayed in western suburbs until late 2008. And on rare occasions
when I had to travel on the central line, I used to find it a bit
uncomfortable. But now I realise that it was only due to the smaller
ladies first class compartments. Minus that, after travelling on the
central line for over an year now I must admit CR is far better! The
crowd in the trains, the regular addition of services and routes and
the improvements implemented are really commendable. Check out the TOI
today (June 14, 2010) and you would know what I mean. Every few
months, additinal train services are included in the transharbour line
and I'm only glad to keep updating the train timetables on this blog!
PS sorry for the recent delay in updating timetables, but I'm
travelling around India a lot these days. Will update asap.

Thane - Vashi - Thane Ladies Special Trains!

Latest update:
New timetable has been introduced from February 2012 and ladies special train will now leave Thane station at 9.50 am: Thane Vashi Local Train Time Table 2012

Older post: 

With the introduction of new train services on the Transharbour route, 2 ladies special trains are also introduced between Thane and Vashi stations. Though I still wonder if it's worth it coz when you look at the timings of these ladies special trains, you'd realise that at those timings the ladies compartments aren't very crowded in any case. Shouldn't they have introduced these at peak hours? Are these trains really a respite?

Anyways, here are the time tables of the Thane-Vashi and Vashi-Thane ladies special (Matrubhumi) trains:

New Panvel-Nerul-Thane trains' timetable on Transharbour line from 29th May 2010

New train services are introduced on the transharbour line (Panvel - Nerul - Thane) from 29th May 2010. Pls find the updated time table here:

PS: As you can notice (in red font), some Panvel to Thane and Nerul to Thane trains are reaching Thane at almost the same time. If you are aware that some Nerul-Thane trains have been converted to Panvel-Thane and if there is some duplication in this transharbour line time table, do let us know.

Click here for Thane-Nerul-Belapur-Panvel trains' latest timetable
Click here for trans-harbour line's 12-coach local trains timetable.

Central Railway mega block timings on 9th May

As on most of the Sundays, CR has announced mega block today (Sunday, May 9). Here are the timings:

Mega block from Mulund to Matunga (fast track): 11 am to 4.30 pm
Mega block from CST to Kurla: 11 am to 4.30 pm
Mega block between Wadala and Mahim stations (both ways): 11.05 am to 4.05 pm

Mega block between Santa Cruz and Goregaon stations

Due to maintenance work, there will be a mega block today (Sunday, May 9) between Western Railway’s Santa Cruz and Goregaon stations from 10.35 am to 3.35 pm. So the local trains will run on the fast track between these stations. Of course, some trains will be canceled so it’s advisable to keep some buffer if you plan to commute by trains today.

Mumbai train / motormen strike status

Strike update at 6 pm: Strike called off, Mumbai local trains are running now.

170 motormen arrested - IBN Live As per the news, Essential Services Maintenance Act (ESMA) has been imposed on the motormen who are on strike. They have been given three hours to return to work (news published at 1.14 pm).
MNS threatens motormen - NDTV

Earlier post on this blog on Motormen Strike.

What do Mumbai local train commuters feel like singing today?

Mumbai local train services are severely affected as the motormen strike continues even today. So what songs do Mumbai local train commuters feel like singing while waiting for the trains today?

  1. Main toh kab se khadi is paar, ye akhiyaan thakk gayi panth nihaar... aa ja re...
  2. Tu chupi hai kahaan, main tadaptaa yahaan
  3. Aaja aaja main hoon pyaar tera... aa aa aa aaja.. aa aa aa aaja... aa aa aa aaja... aa aa aah
  4. Jag soona soona laage...
  5. Aaja ve mahi tera rasta ho dekh diya
  6. Tere bin main yun kaise jiya, kaise jiya tere bin...
  7. Bin tere sanam mar mitengey hum, aa meri zindagi... 
  8. Aao Na... Aao Na... Aao Na...

By the way, here's the blog post about the motormen strike. You can check out the right hand side column of this page for live twitter updates and status of the motormen strike

Motormen strike affects Mumbai on 2nd day

As the motormen strike continues on the second day (4th May 2010) in Mumbai, Central Railways has advised people to opt for local trains only if absolutely necessary. Both Western Railway and Central Railway motormen are on indefinite strike since yesterday to protest since their demands are not met.

Apparently only 15-20% local trains are running today, obviously resulting in crowd and irritation at the stations across Mumbai.

What to do if you must travel today: I think it's would be great to leave a bit late from home as well as return late from work. In that case, you'd avoid the peak hour traffic that would be a lot today since many people will travel by road. Try and see if you can travel by sharing cabs, cars and rickshaws since it will result in lesser number of vehicles on road, lesser overall time to commute for all, lesser pollution and lesser expenditure.

Kindly update the status on the comments section for the benefit of fellow commuters.

Now use credit cards for season tickets!

Do you buy season tickets for your daily local train commute and are bored of visiting the ATM every time since you need to pay in cash? Now you have a reason to rejoice – Central Railway has started accepting all major credit cards for season tickets! Yes, there is this message board at Dadar station displaying the announcement by Central Railway. Nice relief on a day when motormen are planning to go on a hunger strike!

Shameful act by angry local train commuters!

A Diva Roha train gets delayed by an hour. Commuters lose patience and
temper. The Panvel station manager suffers injuries and humiliation!
After he's been serving us for 11 years! Where's the humanity people?
When an overhead wire snaps on a train's route, a station manager has
practically no hand in it. Remember he's stationed at the station? So
barging into his office, hitting him and dragging him out where a huge
furious crowd is standing impatiently is totally uncalled for. Just
for a minute, put yourself in his shoes and you'll know what I mean. I
know what it is to wait endlessly at a platform having no idea when
the train will arrive or whether it will arrive at all. But beating up
an official posted at the station... what sense does it make? Imagine
the scenario when the company you are employed with delays something
and the clients come and beat you up! Is it justified?
I don't understand why people hit station managers and motormen.
C'mon, they have been postponing their strikes for important issues so
that we do not face inconvenience. Whenever I approached any station
manager regarding any train related problem, they have been really
I request the commuters to not lose their temper on the station
managers and motormen. They always try to help us in the best possible
way. It's only during such technical problems that they are helpless.
Yet they keep us updated.
If you see your fellow commuters abusing or hitting the helpless
officials, please try and calm them down. Please don't stand and
simply watch or ignore the scene. And do forward this to your friends
who travel by train.

Sent from my mobile device

Anuradha Khanna Pentapalli

On Twitter -

CST to Panvel trains running late on Sunday

CST to Panvel trains and even those in opposite direction are running
very late today (1.30 pm). The trains are running at around 30 minutes
intervals and the general compartments are very crowded.

Sent from my mobile device

Anuradha Khanna Pentapalli

On Twitter -

Mumbai local train motormen to operate empty stomach

RememberWR and CR motormen were all set to go on a strike on 26th January 2010 (read about it here) when the authorities assured them that their demands will be considered? The strike was called off at the last minute (read about this here) so that we commuters don't suffer. It's been 3 months and the motormen's issues aren't resolved yet! It seems that there has not been a single meeting about this. 
Helpless motormen now have come up with a new decision - to operate the WR and CR local trains on empty stomach from Monday, May 3! 
With lakhs of commuters dependent on the motormen, this sure is a cause for concern.The demands of the motormen are pending since a really long time. One of the demands is the inclusion of an assistant motorman on every train. And considering yesterday's news about the Dead Man's Handle, this demand has to be met, right?

God knows when will our systems get over with postponing things for ever! Coz it's always said "We are looking into the matter"! What do you think?

Mumbai trains' motormen taking a huge risk!

MID DAY REPORT: Mumbai local train motormen flout safety norms

Can't believe the above report is true. But it seems that some motormen are flouting a seriously important rule. They are supposed to hold the Dead Man's Handle when the train is in motion or halts at any station but are instead locking it up to the mike! It might be 'highly inconvenient', but then aren't they aware of it before taking up the job? Wonder what's the solution?

What is Dead Man's Handle (DMH):
By definition, Dead Man's Handle (DMH) is a switch that is automatically operated in case the human operator becomes incapacitated.

My interview at MetroTwin website!

Check out my interview as a Mumbai local train blogger out here. Thanks all of you for motivating me to keep the blog updated. Your comments, queries and suggestions mean a lot and are the life of this blog. Special thanks to Mrinal, Anup, my mom, dad, mom-in-law, Vikram and Neeraj for updating me whenever they have any train-related info.

- Unusual or lesser known Mumbai railway facts
- Travel advice for people visiting the city for the first time
- Items to carry with you when you travel on a Mumbai train
- My most and least favourite things about the Mumbai train system


NSE on Rajdhani: Soch kar, Samajh kar, Invest kar

Well, there's a special reason why I am sharing this news. NSE has tied up with Railways to start an advertising campaign on some Rajdhani Express trains. The campaign will be an attempt to educate the investors about important things they must be aware of. Now as per the news, NSE is already displaying slogans in some suburban trains. And the special thing is that one of these slogans Soch kar, Samajh kar, Invest kar has been created by my sweet hubby Mrinal during his tenure at his previous agency! I so wanna see it on the trains now :)

Looks like there's some problem even today

There seems to be some problem with the trains even today. My friend Vikram just updated that the trains are moving very slowly between Dadar and Bandra stations (it's 12:30 pm). In fact, it took him 1 hr 40 mins to reach Andheri from Mumbai Central (it should ideally take 33 minutes to cover this distance). He also says that some unoccupied trains are surrounded by cops and authorities. 

I just hope all is fine. If you have any updates about why this is happening, please let us know here for the benefit of commuters who are planning to travel now.

Food stalls at WR, CR stations get a makeover!

The new (alright, not so new now) purple and while super-ventilated Mumbai local trains are a treat to the eyes, aren't they? Don't tell me when you first saw this train pass by, you didn't yearn to board it. I remember I was traveling with my mom and mom-in-law in the traditional local train and how they saw the purple beauty pass and exclaimed "We never traveled by this new train"! I only wished I could do something about it. But then, since they travel by train only once in a few months, it's a tough task. I'd have to wait for all the trains to be revamped or have to be really lucky.

Anyways, while we still bask in the relief of these new rakes, there's yet another surprise by the railways. Check out the Yellow-Green modular food stall at CST station! Trust me, even if you are not among those who buy  snacks from railway stalls, these stalls will definitely tempt you. Now whether you'll be pleased with what they have to offer is a different question ;) And relax, the new food stalls will be installed at both Western (25 stalls) and Central (19 stalls) line stations. Thankfully, cooking would not be allowed at the stalls. I just hope that people respect the beautification move by the railways and do not litter.

3 train incidents in Mumbai on April 13

The official news about yesterday's Garib Rath derailment can be viewed here. And by the way, I discover now that the trains were running late yesterday for 2 more reasons in addition to what I had mentioned in my update yesterday. A Kalyan-CST fast was short-terminated at Thane after people saw smoke coming out from was two coaches of the local train. As per the railway officials it was due to something called Brake Binding. And then a goods train de-coupled between Wadala and Kurla stations. Seriously, what was wrong with the trains yesterday?

Even today, the Vashi local trains of 8:38 am and 9:12 were cancelled. However a special Vashi local was arranged for at around 9 am.

Garib Rath Express Train derailment - updates and pics

Ever since I reduced traveling, it had been tough to update the latest about Mumbai local trains. Generally my brother and husband keep updating me as they travel.

An hour ago, my brother called up to help me update about the status of trains - that they are running very late. Since he does not access the internet from his workplace, he gave me all the info based on what he could see at Kurla station and the railway announcements. I am so very thankful to Anup for all the help (I posted the update here).

And even before I could gather more info, I came across Neeraj's tweets. I can't thank him enough for allowing me to post the updates and photos clicked by him. Guys, Neeraj has been updating the status live all this while. So here are the photos and I hope there are no casualties or any more derailments.

Image courtesy and more pics: Neeraj's photostream.

Central line trains running late even today

Central line trains are running late again today (as at 8:30 pm). And this time the problem appears to be somewhere near Kalyan. The authorities are announcing about some bus arrangements to help out the commuters. Don't have confirmed reports yet. If you have any info, please update here.

Thanks to Neeraj, we now know the reason for the delay. Unfortunately, a coach (or 2 coaches as per Zee News) of Mumbai-Jabalpur Garib Rath Express train derailed between Kalyan and Shahard stations on Mumbai's central line. This caused problem in the tracks due to which the trains are delayed. Repair work is in process.

As per Zee News report, no causalities have yet been reported.

Get live updates here.
Read the updated post here.

Belapur train cancelled at Vashi

CST-Panvel trains running late again. Belapur train that came 25
minutes late has now halted at Mankhurd. Moving inch by inch and then
Update: Train cancelled at Vashi

Sent from my mobile device

Anuradha Khanna Pentapalli

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WR motormen, guards refuse to wear uniforms

Western Railway guards and motormen are refusing to wear uniforms. And if we think from their point of view, in a way it's justified. After all, when there are problems at stations due to train delays or rail roko, these motormen and the guards have to bear the brunt of the angry junta / protesters. In absence of railway authorities at the scene, the motormen and guards are easily identifiable and end up suffering even when they are not at fault.

Though there must be reasons why uniforms are necessary in certain professions, I think security of the personnel should be the priority. What do you think?

Why were the trains late yesterday?

Last evening (Friday, 9th April 2010), the Harbour line trains were running late by over 40 minutes. And the reason for the delay seems pretty unbelievable.
The trains were late because a Andheri to Panvel train reversed at Wadala to head towards Andheri instead of Panvel!
In what is termed as a sequencing error, the motorman reversed the train after getting a signal from the cabin. It was only at King's Circle that the mistake was realised and then the train was cancelled at Mahim. On a funny note, whoever purchased a return ticket must have been surprised that his return journey would be really fast ;) Anyways, the consequence was obvious.

CST-Panvel trains running late today

CST to Panvel local trains are running late by around 40 minutes today (updated at 9:30 pm on 9th April 2010).

Please do not board the train if it's too crowded and if you need to balance yourself at the footboard. Wait for the next train / skip a couple of trains / travel by road. Whenever trains are late, after some time the situation eases out and everyone can travel comfortably.

Selling, buying, throwing oranges in trains

Chubhti, jalti garmi ka mausam aaya,
Aaya mausam taaze taaze oranges ka

Sweltering heat makes commuting all the more tedious. But hawkers in Mumbai local trains know how to make the most of it. "Dus ka dus" echoes in the trains during non-peak hours and our heads turn towards the voice. This dus ka dus however has nothing to do with the famous dus-dus ki daud challenge thrown at Aamir Khan in Ghulam. This is the super reasonable cost of oranges being sold in baskets in the Mumbai local trains' ladies compartments.

Mega block timings between Belapur and Panvel

Planning to commute between Belapur and Panvel this Sunday? Please notice that there's a mega block between Belapur and Panvel on 4th April 2010 from 8 in the morning to midnight.
No trains will run from Belapur towards Panvel from 7.09 am to 8.21 pm
No trains will run from Panvel towards Belapur from 7.50 am to 8.58 pm
Special trains will run between Belapur and CST during the mega block.

You know you are in a Mumbai local train when...

I recently read an interesting post on Mumbai. Though I had earlier written a few posts on the kind of commuters you come across in Mumbai local trains, I was inspired to pen something new now. So here I go:

You are a smart and sensible Mumbai Local Train commuter when you know that:
  1. Asking strangers at which station they intend to get off is nothing to feel shy about
  2. Booking a seat in advance in a Virar local is proving you are smart
  3. Asking for a 'fourth seat' in a first class gents compartment is a crime
  4. Not reaching near the door (towards your left hand side) until Andheri approaches, when you have to get off at Goregaon, is sheer stupidity
  5. Tying up / covering your curly / long hair will avoid commuters standing just behind you to ask you from doing so

Local train commuter - alert and active!

The Mumbai Mirror news about cops nabbing a person who was mistaken to be terrorist brought a smile on my face. Why? Because it was the result of a tip-off by an alert local train commuter and proved that some Mumbaiites are being responsible citizens!

As per the report, Dadar resident Bhavesh Patel noticed a man carrying a rifle. He showed enough presence of mind by informing the GRP about the man. Impressively, the GRP and Mumbai police laid a trap and nabbed the suspect at CST station. It was soon discovered that the suspect was a constable and bodyguard of the IGP of RPF and he was released.

I wish that each one of us shows alertness like Bhavesh Patel and report suspicious activities and unclaimed baggage to the authorities. Unlike this incident:

12-coach local trains in Navi Mumbai?

For the past few months, work is in full swing on platforms of Navi Mumbai stations. It gives a great delight to see one end of the platforms being extended.

In fact, whenever I happen to be at Vashi, Seawoods or Koparkhairane stations, I see the workers sweating it out in sweltering heat! Looks like the authorities are leaving no stone unturned in ensuring that Navi Mumbai platforms can accommodate 12-coach trains. When would the 12-coach services start in Navi Mumbai is not known to me, but with the steady work, I'm hoping it won't take very long.

Dadar to Virar fast local trains time table

Planning to board a Dadar local train to Virar? Here's the Dadar-Virar time table to help you out:

Please note: All the above trains are fast locals. The 1.56 pm train is a 15-coach train.

Virar to Dadar 15-coach trains timetable

Here's the time table of the 15-coach fast trains from Virar / Vasai / Borivali to Andheri and Dadar:

Do you think these trains really make a difference since most of them are at non-peak hours?

Mega block in central line tomorrow on 21st March

Due to the work on the 7th line between CST and Byculla stations, Central Railway has announced a mega block on Sunday 21st March 2010. The timing of the mega block is as follows:
From Parel to Masjid: 7.30 am to 12 in the night
From Masjid to Byculla: 7.30 am to 6.30 pm

Stations between CST and Vashi / Panvel

Here's the list of stations between CST-Vadala-Kurla-Vashi-Panvel:

PS 1 - If you intend to have this list on your site, kindly link back.

Stations between CST and Kasara

Names of stations where Mumbai's local trains halt between CST and Kurla / Thane / Dombivli / Kasara are:

PS 1 - Stations in purple are where the fast trains halt.
PS 2 - If you intend to have this list on your site, kindly link back.

Stations between Thane and Panvel

Many trains do not have the list of stations pasted inside the local train compartments. And when you are not a frequent traveler on the Thane-Panvel route, a handy list might prove helpful.

So here's the list of stations between Thane and Panvel:

PS 1 - Stations in red are where the fast trains halt.
PS 2 - If you intend to have this list on your site, kindly link back.

Vadala-Panvel local trains time table

Vadala starting trains towards Panvel can save you from the crowd during peak hours. Listed below are the timings of Vadala locals to Panvel:

8.37 am
5.29 pm
7.27 pm
8.00 pm
8.30 pm

Stations between Churchgate and Borivali-Virar-Dahanu

As a kid I used to try and memorize the names of the railway stations while traveling with my parents from Goregaon to Mumbai Central. After every few minutes I would ask them what would be the next station and then try to remember the exact order - Goregaon, then Jogeshwari, then Andheri...

The other day, I saw a kid traveling with his mom in a local train doing exactly the same thing. And then, ever since I shifted to Navi Mumbai, I would end up reading the names of the stations in the list pasted on the ceiling just above the footboard. Now, many trains do not have that list. So I thought I'd list out the stations in the right order so that you can refer to it whenever you plan to travel on a route you don't take frequently.

Here's the list of stations between Churchgate and Borivali-Virar-Dahanu for your handy reference and I hope it helps you:

PS 1 - Stations in red arewhere the fast trains halt.
PS 2 - If you intend to have this list on your site, kindly link back.

Women's Day special in Mumbai local trains

Come Women's Day and I get nostalgic with a particular memory of Mumbai local trains. It was during our post graduation days. We ended up boarding a ladies special train on 8th March and were more than surprised. Why? Coz the entire train was elegantly decorated. Yes there were red / pink balloons adorning the entire train. And then there were these girls distributing sachets of Ponds blackhead removal strips. I think it might have been during the launch of the product.

Being in the train made us all feel very special. It was a beautiful sight to see all the female commuters exchanging smiles and feeling wonderful. I did not see anyone arguing that day over a seat or anything. Wow, great ambiance does work wonders!

Wondering if ladies special trains are still treated specially on these days. If you happen to board one today, do let us know. And yes, HAPPY WOMEN'S DAY!

Kurla local / Kurla-CST trains time table

Kurla staring trains (Kurla local) are a boon if you wish to avoid traveling in super crowded Mumbai trains. Of course, you need to know the timings in advance and reach the platform 10 minutes before the train's departure time. But then, it's worth the wait!
Here's the Kurla-CST trains time table:

New local train services in Mumbai post Railway Budget 2010

Mamata Banerjee's Railway Budget 2010-2011 has quite some promises for Mumbai. And yes, she did speak about 101 new local train / suburban services! When the services will start is not known, but considering that many new services have been introduced in the central and trans-harbour lines quite speedily in the recent past, I am being optimistic about quick action.

The new trains to be introduced across various routes in Mumbai are as follows:
6 trains on central railway main line 
18 trains on harbour line
32 trains between Thane/Kalyan and Kasara/Karjat/Khopoli
35 trains on  Trans-Harbour line (Vashi-Thane route)

2 Ladies’ specials trains on Vashi-Thane and Panvel-Nerul-Thane routes

Mamata Banerjee's sense of humour during Railway Budget 2010 Speech

Listening to Rail Budget is not just important but is fun too! So if you had enjoyed Lalu Prasad Yadav's speech all these years, Mamata Banerjee won't disappoint you either. Here are some examples of her humour during 2010 Railway Budget speech:

"Rajdhani jaise bol rahi hoon na!" - When she was reading in speed
"If you don't listen na, I'll cut"- When there was lot of interruption and noise
"Unka naam kya hai... chillate bahut hain"- getting irritated at someone interrupting a lot
"Chup chaap baithega toh pura padhega,nahi tph nahi padhega"- responding to noise
"Isko naam deta hian kormo bhumi, first is matribhumi"
"Chapra kaha hain - Chapra?" Mamata attacking Lalu Prasad Yadav
"1 minute chillao, chillao"         
"Dekho bhai mereko pronouncation khrap ho jayga to aste aste bolli, chellao na, aree baba!"
"Mumbai mein 100 train diya to kuch kahe nehi bola, why why why bengal ke liye chillata hai"
"Kaam kiya hai iske liye lamba likh diya hai" - on the long list
"Khudi ko kar buland itna ke har taqdeer se pehle, khuda bande se ye pooche bata teri razaa kya hai" - quoting at the end of the Railway Budget 2010 speech
I thank Samiran Ghosh for helping me cover it all!

Mamata Banerjee's Railway Budget 2010 Speech Live Updates - Text

Mamata Banerjee started the speech by saying she had 2 considerations in mind: Viability of projects and social responsibility.

Mamata Banerjee announced Mission 2020 of short term and long term goals.

Here are the highlights, announcements and proposals of Mamata Banerjee's Railway Budget 2010 speech:
  • No hike in passenger fare
  • Free travel for cancer patients in Third AC and sleeper class; 75 percent concession for companion
  • A special task force to be set up to clear investment proposals within 100 days.
  • Railway exams to be conducted in Hindi, English and Urdu languages
  • Considering that bottled water turns out to be expensive for the passengers, Mamata Banerjee proposed 6 bottling plants that would help provide clean and fresh water at much cheaper rates. Plant locations - Ambala, Thiruvananthapuram, Farakka, Amethi and Nasik
  • No privatization of railways
  • Rs 1300 Crores to be allocated for amenities for passengers
  • Improvement of security of women passengers
  • 5 sports academies to be set up
  • RFID technology for freight transport
  • Launching of Double Decker trains (pilot launch)
  • Ex-servicemen to be inducted to RPF (Mamata announced this after quoting Lata Mangeshkar's song  Zara yaad karo qurbaani)
  • Insurance facility for licensed porters
  • Women's RPF wing to be formed 
  • Railways to set up Rabindra Museum in Howrah, Geetanjali Museum in Bolpur  
  • Bharat Tirth train to mark Rabindranath Tagore's 150th birth anniversary
  • Special train during Commonwealth Games
  • 101 new suburban trains in Mumbai
  • New suburban trains in Chennai
  • New train service to Bangladesh
  • No increase in freight tarriff 
  • High-speed dedicated passenger corridors
  • Freight reduction on foodgrains and kerosene
  • Houses for railway employees of 10 years
  • 10 new Duronto trains  
  • 54 new trains in 2010
  • New tourist trains on tourist routes
  • 80000 new wagons
  • New Janmabhoomi train between Ahmedabad and Udhampur
  • New Karmabhoomi train for working class
  • Matribhoomi special trains for women
  • Service charge on AC fares to be Rs 20 instead of Rs 40
  • Mobile e-ticketing facility at hospitals, courts, universities, IITs, IIMs
  • Design, Development and Testing centre to be set up at Bangalore
  • Railway research centre at IIT Kharagpur
  • 13000 unmanned level crossings to be converted to manned level crossings

Mid-Day lists Mamata's unkept promises

I came across a Mid-Day report of the promises Mamata Banerjee made in the Rail Budget 2009 - Mamata Banerjee's unkept list of promises. Ha! I doubt if we'll take promises made by her today seriously. Who knows, when the Rail Budget 2011 will be presented next year, false promises of 2010 will add to the list of those in 2009!

A look at the highlights of Railway Budget 2009

Before we start listening to Mamata Banerjee's Railway Budget 2010 speech, I suggest you take a look at what she 'promised' in the previous Rail Budget.

Why? Coz you'd get an idea about how seriously you can take the promises she will make in the 2010 Rail Budget.

Mamata Banerjee's Railway Budget 2010 Speech - Date and Time

Mamata Banerjee's Railway Budget 2010 Speech will start on 24th February at 12 pm. The Railway Budget speech will be telecast live across various television channels including DD News, CNBC Awaaz, Lok Sabha TV, NDTV Profit, NDTV 24x7 and Times Now.

What do you expect from Railway Budget 2010?

Mamata Banerjee will present the Railway Budget 2010 today, on 24th February 2010. Rumours are that there might not be increase in passenger fares but the freight charges might go up. Also, with her focus on West Bengal elections, she might be biased towards her state.

One interesting thing is that across the TV channels and newspapers, when people were asked what are they expecting from the budget, they hoped that Mamata Banerjee did not INCREASE the fares. I hope the same. But did you notice one thing? No one requested her to DECREASE the fares, bringing to light the fact that people believe (me too) that the fares are just perfect and they do not wish to pressurize the Railway Minister with unnecessary demands. Now that people are not causing inconvenience to Mamata Banerjee, she too must add to their comfort! She claims that the budget is prepared in the best interest of the common man. Let's see!

 What do I expect from the Rail Budget?
  • Much better security 
  • Better frequency of some trains
  • Ideal railway stations will all basic amenities including most definitely super clean toilets
  • Strict measures to ensure that people do not cross tracks
  • Training to railway personnel to be polite to commuters specially senior citizens (click to read an incident)
Do drop in your comments about what you expect from the Rail Budget.

    Teenager Sagar Dogle lost life over a Mumbai local train seat issue

    My condolences to the family of 18-year old Sagar Dogle who lost his life after being thrown off from a moving local train on 20th February. And why? Because someone wanted to occupy his seat in the train!

    Just yesterday I had written about the condition of commuters in Mumbai local trains:
    "During peak hours we travel in Mumbai local trains as if we were in hell. Standing and balancing ourselves in overcrowded trains sometimes on one foot is not a joke. All we focus on is ensuring that we don't fall off the train."

    Little did I know that today I'll read a report of a young guy losing his life just because someone wanted to travel comfortably!