Announcement at Seawoods station not making sense

It's quite cold in Navi Mumbai today and a weird announcement hit our almost numb ears at Seawoods station in the morning. The announcer said something like - After the Belapur-CST train, a special train has left from Vashi to CST.

Whatever it meant, I presume it makes the trains less crowded. However, despite being a bank holiday, the train I boarded isn't less crowded at all.

Western line trains late today; not running from Malad platform 1

As per the latest news (28 December 2009), an overhead wire between Malad and Goregaon stations has broken resulting in western line trains running around 20 minutes late. Apparently, trains are not
running from Malad's platform number 1. Please let us know the status if you travel from Malad.

Thane Vashi latest timetable

Here's the all-new Thane-Vashi timetable effective from 21st December 2009:

Vashi-Thane train time table from 21 December 2009

As per the latest time table, trains leave from Vashi towards Thane at
the following timings:
5.35 am 5.50 am
6.05 am 6.20 am 6.48 am
7.03 am 7.19 am 7.34 am 7.48 am
8.13 am 8.30 am 8.48 am
9.05 am 9.23 am 9.40 am
10.02 am 10.17 am 10.32 am 10.55 am
11.15 am 11.42 am
12.10 pm 12.50 pm
1.25 pm 1.50 pm
2.20 pm 2.50 pm
3.10 pm 3.40 pm
4.00 pm 4.25 pm 4.40 pm 4.58 pm
5.12 pm 5.24 pm 5.38 pm 5.52 pm
6.15 pm 6.34 pm 6.50 pm
7.05 pm 7.25 pm 7.50 pm
8.07 pm 8.22 pm 8.45 pm
9.28 pm
10.00 pm 10.25 pm
11.10 pm

Here's the tabulated form as requested by one of the commuters:

Latest update:
New timetable has been introduced from February 2012: Thane Vashi Local Train Time Table 2012

Changes in Thane-Vashi-Thane train time table

Latest update:
New timetable has been introduced from February 2012: Thane Vashi Local Train Time Table 2012

Older post: 

Dear commuters, last evening I noticed that there is quite some change in the Thane Vashi train time table. I need to doubly confirm the timings before updating on this site. Would suggest you keep a buffer of few minutes if you travel on this route for a couple of days.

Do let us know if you have any updates. Your contribution will help the fellow commuters. Have a nice day!

Vashi local timing changed

There used to be a 9.16 Vashi local to CST. Please note the timing of
the train today was 9.10. Looks like there are many changes in train
timings than what we know. Similarly, there have been drastic and not
very convenient changes in the timings of Thane Vashi up and down
trains. Give me a couple of days to confirm all the timings.

Panvel to Andheri local trains time table

On popular demand, here’s the updated Panvel-Andheri time table. Hope it helps the commuters!

Panvel 5:57 am - Andheri 07:32 am
Panvel 6:59 am - Andheri 08:31 am
Panvel 7:40 am - Andheri 09:09 am
Panvel 10:47 am - Andheri 12:16 pm
Panvel 04:33 pm - Andheri 06:06 pm
Panvel 05:01 pm - Andheri 06:30 pm
Panvel 05:29 pm - Andheri 07:02 pm
Panvel 06:31 pm - Andheri 08:06 pm
Panvel 07:30 pm - Andheri 09:03 pm

Super slow Kurla local of 9:22 am

It took me 45 minutes to reach Parel station after I boarded the Kurla local that leaves for CST at 9:22 am (21st Dec 2009). Worst was that while our train was stationary at Kurla's platform number 3, other trains kept arriving and moving ahead from platform number 4. We stayed in the train everytime thinking that at least now it will move. Too much optimism on a Monday morning I suppose.

Kurla 9:22 local to CST running late today

And not just late, the train is moving super slow today (21st December 2009). Around 4 or more trains overtook this train as it stayed still on platform number 3 :(

Vashi 8:38 local arrived late - 21st December 2009

New harbour line services start today (21st December 2009). Obviously, trains were expected to be late. And do was the 8:38 Vashi local to CST. Result - unnecessary panic. I took a rickshaw from Koparkhairane to Vashi due to thesevere joint pain in the hands. Thought I would travel comfortably in the vashi local. But the train being late invited panic that was uncalled for.

Yet another seemingly harmless and educated female, donning a turquoise blue dupatta, made her way to a seat she aimed for. Of course, she pushed more females than you could ever
imagine. Result - she thrusted my hand on a rod increasing the severe pain in my right hand I am trying to survive with. Worst again, this 'educated' female refused to apologize and in fact lied that she did not push anyone at all. Everyone simply smiled at her white lie, and well what else could we do. The other option was to get engaged in an argument that would not improve anything.

Well, courtesy is passe, welcome to the indifferent era! Btw, this happened in the first class compartment supposedly occupied by the educated lot.

New Thane-Vashi local trains time table

Latest update:
New timetable has been introduced from February 2012: Thane Vashi Local Train Time Table 2012

Older post: 

5 new trains have been added on the Thane-Vashi route from 21st December 2009. Here's the update time table for trains leaving from Thane to Vashi:

06:10 am
06:30 am
06:55 am
07:10 am
07:30 am
07:50 am
08:10 am
08:25 am
08:40 am
09:00 am
09:20 am
09:35 am
09:50 am
10:20 am
10:40 am
10:55 am
11:10 am
11:30 am
12:00 pm
12:11 pm (new train from21stDecember 2009)
12:30 pm
01:05 pm
01:30 pm (new train from21stDecember 2009)
01:50 pm
02:30 pm
03:00 pm (new train from21stDecember 2009)
03:15 pm
03:50 pm
04:20 pm (new train from21stDecember 2009)
04:30 pm
05:00 pm
05:15 pm
05:35 pm
05:55 pm
06:15 pm
06:30 pm
06:50 pm
07:05 pm
07:30 pm
07:50 pm
08:10 pm
08:30 pm
08:45 pm
09:20 pm
09:30 pm
09:43 pm
10:10 pm
10:25 pm
10:35 pm
11:10 pm
11:45 pm (new train from21stDecember 2009)

Mumbai's harbour line new trains time table

Sunday morning couldn't have been better. My husband came across the ad about 50 additional local train services on the harbour line! Yes, new trains have been added on the Panvel-CST, Thane-Vashi and Nerul-Thane routes on either sides from 21st December 2009! Moreover, a few of the existing services are extended!

Here's the time table for new trains on the Panvel-Vashi-Vadala-CST route:

Panvel 06:40 am - CST 08:00 am
Belapur 9:15 am - CST 10:18 am
Belapur 11:55 am - CST 12:59 pm
Vashi 06:40 pm - Vadala 07:12 pm
Panvel 07:22 pm - Vadala 08:21 pm
Panvel 10:32 pm - CST 11:50 pm

Here's the time table for new trains on the CST-Vadala-Vashi-Belapur-Panvel route:

CST 08:04 am - Belapur 09:08 am
CST 10:14 am - Vashi 11:02 am
CST 10:30 am - Vashi 11:18 am
CST 12:57 pm - Panvel 02:14 pm
CST 05:21 pm - Belapur 06:25 pm
Vadala 07:27 pm - Panvel 08:29 pm
Vadala 08:30 pm - Panvel 09:32 pm
CST 11:55 pm - Vashi 12:42 pm

I have also updated the Nerul-Thane time table as from 21st December 2009 here.
And here's the updated Thane-Nerul Panvel time table.

Trains to panvel running late by over 15 mins today.

A panvel bound train has halted at kurla station and is stationary for
over 10 mins now. Damn, it is so crowded i cannot even alight. Btw the
train halted a bit ahead on the platform.
15 dec 2009

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Anuradha Khanna Pentapalli

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Mumbai local train travelling tips: 1 - Say sorry to avoid fury

Location - Kurla station platform no. 4
Incident - A woman twice my weight elbows me badly while getting off
the train as I wait to board the train. She pauses for a while as I
scream with pain and then walks away casually. Worst, she does not
even say sorry, even after I say that she must at least apologize. Did
I call her bitch? Felt like but did not. Why? Coz she was at least 10
years elder to me and then bitches do not hurt anyone for no reason.
Tip: If you accidentally hurt someone, at least say sorry and show
concern. Unlike me, some victims will not let you go easily. Some
ladies even hit back.

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Anuradha Khanna Pentapalli

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Thane Karjat Kasara local train problem, trains running late

Local train services in the Thane – Karjat / Kasara are affected as a contact line wire (overhead wire) of a local has broken near thane station. No wonder the trains were running late by around 15-20 minutes.
- As reported by Zee News on 3rd December 2009

Central line trains status today

Central main line trains are running 15 minutes late today - 3rd December 2009

Reading indicators at Mumbai local train platforms

I remember the first time I travelled using Mumbai’s central / harbour railway line. I was completely confused whether BL means Belapur / Badlapur and I almost landed in the wrong train.

Recently, quiz-master Derek O’Brien traveled in Mumbai local trains to understand commuters’ grievances. One of the things he found most difficult was reading indicators at the platforms on stations. Obviously, for a first time traveler on a particular route, reading indicators is a tough task.

How on earth would you know that K is not Kurla, but C stands for Kurla!
Unless of course, your friends have told you what those abbreviations mean. I would request the railways to put up boards at every railway station / platform in Mumbai explaining the abbreviated forms of stations.

Until, I am heard, here’s my little attempt to help you out. So if you are finding difficulty understanding the indicators, keep the list below handy.

Reading indicators at Mumbai local train CENTRAL / HARBOUR LINE platforms made easy:

A – Ambernath

AD - Andheri

AN - Asangaon

BL - Badlapur

BR - Belapur

C – Kurla

ST – Chattrapati Shivaji Terminus

D - Dadar

DI – Dombivli

G - Ghatkopar

K – Kalyan

KP – Khopoli

N – Kasara

Pl - Panvel

Nu - Nerul

S – Karjat

T - Thane

Tl – Titwala

VA – Vashi

Vd - Wadala

Reading indicators at Mumbai local train WESTERN LINE platforms made easy:

A – Andheri

B – Bandra

C – Churchgate

Bo – Borivli

D - Dadar

G – Goregaon

M – Malad

V – Virar

BS - Vasai Road

BY – Bhayander

PS - Do let me know if anything above is incorrect / if something is missing.