You know you are in a Mumbai local train when...

I recently read an interesting post on Mumbai. Though I had earlier written a few posts on the kind of commuters you come across in Mumbai local trains, I was inspired to pen something new now. So here I go:

You are a smart and sensible Mumbai Local Train commuter when you know that:
  1. Asking strangers at which station they intend to get off is nothing to feel shy about
  2. Booking a seat in advance in a Virar local is proving you are smart
  3. Asking for a 'fourth seat' in a first class gents compartment is a crime
  4. Not reaching near the door (towards your left hand side) until Andheri approaches, when you have to get off at Goregaon, is sheer stupidity
  5. Tying up / covering your curly / long hair will avoid commuters standing just behind you to ask you from doing so

Local train commuter - alert and active!

The Mumbai Mirror news about cops nabbing a person who was mistaken to be terrorist brought a smile on my face. Why? Because it was the result of a tip-off by an alert local train commuter and proved that some Mumbaiites are being responsible citizens!

As per the report, Dadar resident Bhavesh Patel noticed a man carrying a rifle. He showed enough presence of mind by informing the GRP about the man. Impressively, the GRP and Mumbai police laid a trap and nabbed the suspect at CST station. It was soon discovered that the suspect was a constable and bodyguard of the IGP of RPF and he was released.

I wish that each one of us shows alertness like Bhavesh Patel and report suspicious activities and unclaimed baggage to the authorities. Unlike this incident:

12-coach local trains in Navi Mumbai?

For the past few months, work is in full swing on platforms of Navi Mumbai stations. It gives a great delight to see one end of the platforms being extended.

In fact, whenever I happen to be at Vashi, Seawoods or Koparkhairane stations, I see the workers sweating it out in sweltering heat! Looks like the authorities are leaving no stone unturned in ensuring that Navi Mumbai platforms can accommodate 12-coach trains. When would the 12-coach services start in Navi Mumbai is not known to me, but with the steady work, I'm hoping it won't take very long.

Dadar to Virar fast local trains time table

Planning to board a Dadar local train to Virar? Here's the Dadar-Virar time table to help you out:

Please note: All the above trains are fast locals. The 1.56 pm train is a 15-coach train.

Virar to Dadar 15-coach trains timetable

Here's the time table of the 15-coach fast trains from Virar / Vasai / Borivali to Andheri and Dadar:

Do you think these trains really make a difference since most of them are at non-peak hours?

Mega block in central line tomorrow on 21st March

Due to the work on the 7th line between CST and Byculla stations, Central Railway has announced a mega block on Sunday 21st March 2010. The timing of the mega block is as follows:
From Parel to Masjid: 7.30 am to 12 in the night
From Masjid to Byculla: 7.30 am to 6.30 pm

Stations between CST and Vashi / Panvel

Here's the list of stations between CST-Vadala-Kurla-Vashi-Panvel:

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Stations between CST and Kasara

Names of stations where Mumbai's local trains halt between CST and Kurla / Thane / Dombivli / Kasara are:

PS 1 - Stations in purple are where the fast trains halt.
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Stations between Thane and Panvel

Many trains do not have the list of stations pasted inside the local train compartments. And when you are not a frequent traveler on the Thane-Panvel route, a handy list might prove helpful.

So here's the list of stations between Thane and Panvel:

PS 1 - Stations in red are where the fast trains halt.
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Vadala-Panvel local trains time table

Vadala starting trains towards Panvel can save you from the crowd during peak hours. Listed below are the timings of Vadala locals to Panvel:

8.37 am
5.29 pm
7.27 pm
8.00 pm
8.30 pm

Stations between Churchgate and Borivali-Virar-Dahanu

As a kid I used to try and memorize the names of the railway stations while traveling with my parents from Goregaon to Mumbai Central. After every few minutes I would ask them what would be the next station and then try to remember the exact order - Goregaon, then Jogeshwari, then Andheri...

The other day, I saw a kid traveling with his mom in a local train doing exactly the same thing. And then, ever since I shifted to Navi Mumbai, I would end up reading the names of the stations in the list pasted on the ceiling just above the footboard. Now, many trains do not have that list. So I thought I'd list out the stations in the right order so that you can refer to it whenever you plan to travel on a route you don't take frequently.

Here's the list of stations between Churchgate and Borivali-Virar-Dahanu for your handy reference and I hope it helps you:

PS 1 - Stations in red arewhere the fast trains halt.
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Women's Day special in Mumbai local trains

Come Women's Day and I get nostalgic with a particular memory of Mumbai local trains. It was during our post graduation days. We ended up boarding a ladies special train on 8th March and were more than surprised. Why? Coz the entire train was elegantly decorated. Yes there were red / pink balloons adorning the entire train. And then there were these girls distributing sachets of Ponds blackhead removal strips. I think it might have been during the launch of the product.

Being in the train made us all feel very special. It was a beautiful sight to see all the female commuters exchanging smiles and feeling wonderful. I did not see anyone arguing that day over a seat or anything. Wow, great ambiance does work wonders!

Wondering if ladies special trains are still treated specially on these days. If you happen to board one today, do let us know. And yes, HAPPY WOMEN'S DAY!

Kurla local / Kurla-CST trains time table

Kurla staring trains (Kurla local) are a boon if you wish to avoid traveling in super crowded Mumbai trains. Of course, you need to know the timings in advance and reach the platform 10 minutes before the train's departure time. But then, it's worth the wait!
Here's the Kurla-CST trains time table: