Mega Block Timings on April 29


All Down fast services trains leaving CST from 10.28 am to 3.25 pm will be diverted o­n Down slow line between Matunga and Mulund stations and will halt at all stations between Sion and Mulund.

Fast services beyond Thane will be re-diverted o­n Down Fast line at Mulund. 


Up harbour line services for CST leaving Kurla from 10.43 am TO 3.38 pm will run via main line o­n Up fast line up to Byculla and further o­n Up slow line between Byculla and CST. These trains will not halt at Currey Road and Chinchpokli. 

All Down Harbour line services for Bandra/Andheri leaving CST from 10.20 am to 4.04 pm will remain suspended.

All Up Harbour line services leaving Andheri/Bandra from 10.40 am to 3.45 pm will remain suspended. 

Harbour line passenger for Bandra/Andheri are permitted to travel via main line and Western Railway from 10.00 am to 6.00 pm o­n 29.4.2012.

New Auto Rickshaw Tariff Card - April 2012

With the auto rickshaw fares changing every now and then, there is enough confusion... actually there is enough STRESS. And while some autos continue refusing to ply short distances and charge half-return rates (esp Seawoods - Koparkhairane route), others are literally taking us 'for a ride' as we really do not now how much we should pay for a particular meter reading.

So, we have compiled this easy-to-read auto rickshaw tariff sheet thanks to the info that appeared in MidDay on April 25, 2012.


Do not forget to take a printout and keep it handy. For a larger print size (A4 landscape), click on the image and then save.

In fact, why not Save Paper! Save this tariff card image on your mobile phone / iPod for anytime reference. Also, do share the link with your friends.

Also, notice there is a lot of 50 paise element in the rates. It's about time we carry some change, if not, just add 50 ps to every fare amount in the sheet!

From now on, no kichkich with rickshawallahs and stress-free days ahead!

Eve Teasing Helpline Number

Eve teasing in Mumbai local trains is soon going to be passe! Women are increasingly calling up the GRP helpline number 98 3333 1111 to report eve teasing cases. And GRP is bring the culprits to book without any delay!

A friend just informed how the railway police organises a very well-coordinated trap when someone reports such incidents. Yesterday, three boys got into a train from Bandra and started eve teasing. They were caught at Vile Parle, brought to Santacruz and at the time we got this news, they were being taken to the jail! 

Don't ever ever accept eve teasing. Save and share the helpline number 98 3333 1111 right away... you never know when you might bring it to best use!

Get a list of all the Mumbai Local helpline numbers here.

No mega block on Sunday, 22nd April

There will be No Jumbo Block on WR on Sunday, 22nd April 2012.
Jumbo block on up & down harbour lines between Mahim and Andheri, as announced earlier, is cancelled.

Also, No Mega Block will be operated o­n CST Mumbai – Kalyan main line, CST Mumbai – Panvel Harbour line and Thane – Vashi / Nerul Transharbour line of Central Railway

Train status and updates on Friday, April 20, 2012

9.30 am status: Local trains in Harbour line seem to be running fine at this hour.

8.30 am status: Local trains in Central line are running late by 15 minutes.

Late hona is sometimes better

Following the fire in Kurla's signal panel on Wednesday, trains have been running late and there is a lot of confusion as indicators have not been working. Also, 3 people were killed and many injured due to overcrowding.

Requesting people to skip boarding overcrowded trains. You might miss going to work and hear taunts from bosses like, "Others could reach work, why couldn't you get in a train!"

But trust me, the taunts and absenteeism is better than risking your life. PLEASE DO NOT BOARD CROWDED TRAINS. IT'S NOT WORTH ANYTHING.

Trains running late today too - 19th April status update

9.22 pm status: 9.09 pm train at Currey Road hasn't arrived yet at 9.22 pm.

10.30 am status:Trains on harbour line running late with a difference of 10 minutes. Indicators are zeroed out. - info shared by Apoorva Singh

10.00 am status: Central line trains seem to be running fine up to Dadar, after that the services are super slow. Harbour line frequency is very poor.

8.30 am status: Local trains in Central and Harbour lines are running late by 15-45 minutes.

The Services are expected to be normalized in a week's time. However, the authorities have said that 85% trains will be running today.

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Mumbai trains running late as signal panel catches fire

Late last night, the signal panel between Kurla and Vidyavihar caught fire. The fire was brought in control within 30 minutes, but has affected train services badly. Earlier, trains were running over an hour late. Train services were cancelled up to 3.30 am.

10.00 am update: Some of our friends have informed that since many train commuters are travelling by roads, some of the roads and highways are jam-packed. We would suggest that if some people can leave a bit late from home, say after 11.30 am, the congestion could be sorted.

8.40 am update: Central and Harbour line trains running around 35 - 50 minutes late.
Central line commuters are permitted to travel via Mahim-Churchgate route to reach their destination.

Services might be affected for a maximum of three days, as reported by railway authorities.

Mumbai-Pune Pragati Express cancelled.
Mumbai-Pune Singhgad Express cancelled.
Kurla-Manmad Godavari Express cancelled.
Manmad-Kurla Godavari Express cancelled.
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Mega block timings for Sunday April 15, 2012

Matunga and Mulund: Fast trains leaving CST will run on the slow line from 10.28 am to 3.25 pm and will halt at all stations between Matunga and Mulund stations. Fast trains beyond Thane will run on the fast track after Mulund station.

Mankhurd and Nerul: Harbour line trains for Vashi/Belapur/Panvel leaving CST from 10.12 am to 3.25 pm will be cancelled.
Harbour line trains leaving Vashi/Belapur/Panvel for CST from 10.20 am to 3.39 pm will be cancelled.

Special trains will run between CST-Manhkurd and Thane Panvel route during the mega block.

Sunday Mega Block Timings - April 1, 2012

Railways will again operate a Mega Block on Sunday, 1st April 2012, as follows:


Thane-Kalyan: Up line slow and semi slow trains leaving Kalyan station from 10.13 am to 3.48 pm will be diverted on the fast line up to Mulund stations. These trains will not halt at Kalva, Mumbra, Diva, Kopar and Thakurli.

Passengers for these stations are permitted to travel via Kalyan and Thane in down direction on their valid card/season tickets during the mega block.


Kurla-Mankhurd: All Up Harbour line services leaving Panvel / Belapur / Vashi from 10.20 am to 3.47 pm pm will remain suspended between Mankhurd and Kurla stations.

All Down Harbour line services for Panvel / Belapur / Vashi leaving CST from 10.23 am to 3.37 pm will remain suspended between Mankhurd and Kurla stations.

Special trains will run between CST-Kurla and Mankhurd-Panvel during the mega block.

Information Courtesy : Public Relations Department, Central Railway