Sunday Mega Block timings - 25th Novermber 2012

Jumbo block between Borivali and Goregaon stations from 10.35 am to 3.35 pm o­n both Up & Down slow track. Slow trains will run on fast line between Goregaon and Borivali stations.

Some Up & Down local trains will remain cancelled.

Up Slow/Semi fast line trains leaving Kalyan from 10.56 am to 3.11 pm will be diverted o­n Up fast line between Kalyan and Mulund stations.These trains will not halt at Thakurli, Kopar, Diva, Mumbra and Kalva stations during the block period.
Passengers of these stations are permitted to travel via Dombivli / Thane in down direction.
Harbour line trains leaving CST from 10.23 am to 3.01 pm for Vashi/Belapur/Panvel will be cancelled.
Harbour line services leaving Panvel/Belapur/Vashi from 10.20 am to 3.04 pm will remain suspended.
Special trains will run o­n CST–Kurla and Mankhurd-Panvel sections during the block period.

Info courtesy: CR and WR

CST-Dadar-Kurla-Vidyavihar-Kalyan local train time table

Here are the latest Central Railway time tables for local trains to Kalyan (updated on this blog on 22 November 2012). While I have taken care to avoid errors, do let me know if any timing is erroneous.

Listed below are the following local train time tables:

Sunday Mega Block Timings - 4th Nov 2012

Thane - Kalyan: 
Slow / Semi fast trains leaving Mulund from 11.13 am to 3.30 pm will be diverted o­n fast line between Mulund and Kalyan stations and will halt at Thane and Dombivali stations.These trains will not stop at Kalva, Mumbra, Diva, Kopar and Thakurli stations during the block period. 
Commuters are permitted to travel via Kalyan / Dombivali in Up direction

Bandra/Andheri - CST:
Harbour line services for Bandra/Andheri leaving CST from 10.48 am to 3.33 pm will remain suspended.
Harbour line services
for CST leaving Bandra /Andheri  from 10.40 am to 3.45 pm will remain suspended.
Harbour line passengers for Bandra / Andheri are permitted to travel Via Main line and Western Railway from 10 am to 5 pm during the block period.

CST - Panvel:
All Harbour line services for Panvel / Belapur/ Vashi leaving CST from 10.52 am to 3.13 pm will run via Main line between Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus and Kurla. These trains will not halt at Chinchpokli and Currey Road stations.