Shameful act by angry local train commuters!

A Diva Roha train gets delayed by an hour. Commuters lose patience and
temper. The Panvel station manager suffers injuries and humiliation!
After he's been serving us for 11 years! Where's the humanity people?
When an overhead wire snaps on a train's route, a station manager has
practically no hand in it. Remember he's stationed at the station? So
barging into his office, hitting him and dragging him out where a huge
furious crowd is standing impatiently is totally uncalled for. Just
for a minute, put yourself in his shoes and you'll know what I mean. I
know what it is to wait endlessly at a platform having no idea when
the train will arrive or whether it will arrive at all. But beating up
an official posted at the station... what sense does it make? Imagine
the scenario when the company you are employed with delays something
and the clients come and beat you up! Is it justified?
I don't understand why people hit station managers and motormen.
C'mon, they have been postponing their strikes for important issues so
that we do not face inconvenience. Whenever I approached any station
manager regarding any train related problem, they have been really
I request the commuters to not lose their temper on the station
managers and motormen. They always try to help us in the best possible
way. It's only during such technical problems that they are helpless.
Yet they keep us updated.
If you see your fellow commuters abusing or hitting the helpless
officials, please try and calm them down. Please don't stand and
simply watch or ignore the scene. And do forward this to your friends
who travel by train.

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CST to Panvel trains running late on Sunday

CST to Panvel trains and even those in opposite direction are running
very late today (1.30 pm). The trains are running at around 30 minutes
intervals and the general compartments are very crowded.

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Mumbai local train motormen to operate empty stomach

RememberWR and CR motormen were all set to go on a strike on 26th January 2010 (read about it here) when the authorities assured them that their demands will be considered? The strike was called off at the last minute (read about this here) so that we commuters don't suffer. It's been 3 months and the motormen's issues aren't resolved yet! It seems that there has not been a single meeting about this. 
Helpless motormen now have come up with a new decision - to operate the WR and CR local trains on empty stomach from Monday, May 3! 
With lakhs of commuters dependent on the motormen, this sure is a cause for concern.The demands of the motormen are pending since a really long time. One of the demands is the inclusion of an assistant motorman on every train. And considering yesterday's news about the Dead Man's Handle, this demand has to be met, right?

God knows when will our systems get over with postponing things for ever! Coz it's always said "We are looking into the matter"! What do you think?

Mumbai trains' motormen taking a huge risk!

MID DAY REPORT: Mumbai local train motormen flout safety norms

Can't believe the above report is true. But it seems that some motormen are flouting a seriously important rule. They are supposed to hold the Dead Man's Handle when the train is in motion or halts at any station but are instead locking it up to the mike! It might be 'highly inconvenient', but then aren't they aware of it before taking up the job? Wonder what's the solution?

What is Dead Man's Handle (DMH):
By definition, Dead Man's Handle (DMH) is a switch that is automatically operated in case the human operator becomes incapacitated.

My interview at MetroTwin website!

Check out my interview as a Mumbai local train blogger out here. Thanks all of you for motivating me to keep the blog updated. Your comments, queries and suggestions mean a lot and are the life of this blog. Special thanks to Mrinal, Anup, my mom, dad, mom-in-law, Vikram and Neeraj for updating me whenever they have any train-related info.

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- Travel advice for people visiting the city for the first time
- Items to carry with you when you travel on a Mumbai train
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NSE on Rajdhani: Soch kar, Samajh kar, Invest kar

Well, there's a special reason why I am sharing this news. NSE has tied up with Railways to start an advertising campaign on some Rajdhani Express trains. The campaign will be an attempt to educate the investors about important things they must be aware of. Now as per the news, NSE is already displaying slogans in some suburban trains. And the special thing is that one of these slogans Soch kar, Samajh kar, Invest kar has been created by my sweet hubby Mrinal during his tenure at his previous agency! I so wanna see it on the trains now :)

Looks like there's some problem even today

There seems to be some problem with the trains even today. My friend Vikram just updated that the trains are moving very slowly between Dadar and Bandra stations (it's 12:30 pm). In fact, it took him 1 hr 40 mins to reach Andheri from Mumbai Central (it should ideally take 33 minutes to cover this distance). He also says that some unoccupied trains are surrounded by cops and authorities. 

I just hope all is fine. If you have any updates about why this is happening, please let us know here for the benefit of commuters who are planning to travel now.

Food stalls at WR, CR stations get a makeover!

The new (alright, not so new now) purple and while super-ventilated Mumbai local trains are a treat to the eyes, aren't they? Don't tell me when you first saw this train pass by, you didn't yearn to board it. I remember I was traveling with my mom and mom-in-law in the traditional local train and how they saw the purple beauty pass and exclaimed "We never traveled by this new train"! I only wished I could do something about it. But then, since they travel by train only once in a few months, it's a tough task. I'd have to wait for all the trains to be revamped or have to be really lucky.

Anyways, while we still bask in the relief of these new rakes, there's yet another surprise by the railways. Check out the Yellow-Green modular food stall at CST station! Trust me, even if you are not among those who buy  snacks from railway stalls, these stalls will definitely tempt you. Now whether you'll be pleased with what they have to offer is a different question ;) And relax, the new food stalls will be installed at both Western (25 stalls) and Central (19 stalls) line stations. Thankfully, cooking would not be allowed at the stalls. I just hope that people respect the beautification move by the railways and do not litter.

3 train incidents in Mumbai on April 13

The official news about yesterday's Garib Rath derailment can be viewed here. And by the way, I discover now that the trains were running late yesterday for 2 more reasons in addition to what I had mentioned in my update yesterday. A Kalyan-CST fast was short-terminated at Thane after people saw smoke coming out from was two coaches of the local train. As per the railway officials it was due to something called Brake Binding. And then a goods train de-coupled between Wadala and Kurla stations. Seriously, what was wrong with the trains yesterday?

Even today, the Vashi local trains of 8:38 am and 9:12 were cancelled. However a special Vashi local was arranged for at around 9 am.

Garib Rath Express Train derailment - updates and pics

Ever since I reduced traveling, it had been tough to update the latest about Mumbai local trains. Generally my brother and husband keep updating me as they travel.

An hour ago, my brother called up to help me update about the status of trains - that they are running very late. Since he does not access the internet from his workplace, he gave me all the info based on what he could see at Kurla station and the railway announcements. I am so very thankful to Anup for all the help (I posted the update here).

And even before I could gather more info, I came across Neeraj's tweets. I can't thank him enough for allowing me to post the updates and photos clicked by him. Guys, Neeraj has been updating the status live all this while. So here are the photos and I hope there are no casualties or any more derailments.

Image courtesy and more pics: Neeraj's photostream.

Central line trains running late even today

Central line trains are running late again today (as at 8:30 pm). And this time the problem appears to be somewhere near Kalyan. The authorities are announcing about some bus arrangements to help out the commuters. Don't have confirmed reports yet. If you have any info, please update here.

Thanks to Neeraj, we now know the reason for the delay. Unfortunately, a coach (or 2 coaches as per Zee News) of Mumbai-Jabalpur Garib Rath Express train derailed between Kalyan and Shahard stations on Mumbai's central line. This caused problem in the tracks due to which the trains are delayed. Repair work is in process.

As per Zee News report, no causalities have yet been reported.

Get live updates here.
Read the updated post here.

Belapur train cancelled at Vashi

CST-Panvel trains running late again. Belapur train that came 25
minutes late has now halted at Mankhurd. Moving inch by inch and then
Update: Train cancelled at Vashi

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WR motormen, guards refuse to wear uniforms

Western Railway guards and motormen are refusing to wear uniforms. And if we think from their point of view, in a way it's justified. After all, when there are problems at stations due to train delays or rail roko, these motormen and the guards have to bear the brunt of the angry junta / protesters. In absence of railway authorities at the scene, the motormen and guards are easily identifiable and end up suffering even when they are not at fault.

Though there must be reasons why uniforms are necessary in certain professions, I think security of the personnel should be the priority. What do you think?

Why were the trains late yesterday?

Last evening (Friday, 9th April 2010), the Harbour line trains were running late by over 40 minutes. And the reason for the delay seems pretty unbelievable.
The trains were late because a Andheri to Panvel train reversed at Wadala to head towards Andheri instead of Panvel!
In what is termed as a sequencing error, the motorman reversed the train after getting a signal from the cabin. It was only at King's Circle that the mistake was realised and then the train was cancelled at Mahim. On a funny note, whoever purchased a return ticket must have been surprised that his return journey would be really fast ;) Anyways, the consequence was obvious.

CST-Panvel trains running late today

CST to Panvel local trains are running late by around 40 minutes today (updated at 9:30 pm on 9th April 2010).

Please do not board the train if it's too crowded and if you need to balance yourself at the footboard. Wait for the next train / skip a couple of trains / travel by road. Whenever trains are late, after some time the situation eases out and everyone can travel comfortably.

Selling, buying, throwing oranges in trains

Chubhti, jalti garmi ka mausam aaya,
Aaya mausam taaze taaze oranges ka

Sweltering heat makes commuting all the more tedious. But hawkers in Mumbai local trains know how to make the most of it. "Dus ka dus" echoes in the trains during non-peak hours and our heads turn towards the voice. This dus ka dus however has nothing to do with the famous dus-dus ki daud challenge thrown at Aamir Khan in Ghulam. This is the super reasonable cost of oranges being sold in baskets in the Mumbai local trains' ladies compartments.

Mega block timings between Belapur and Panvel

Planning to commute between Belapur and Panvel this Sunday? Please notice that there's a mega block between Belapur and Panvel on 4th April 2010 from 8 in the morning to midnight.
No trains will run from Belapur towards Panvel from 7.09 am to 8.21 pm
No trains will run from Panvel towards Belapur from 7.50 am to 8.58 pm
Special trains will run between Belapur and CST during the mega block.