Gorakhpur train accident helpline numbers

Krishak Express and Lucknow-Barauni Express collided last night (30 September 2014) in Nanda Nagar, Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh.

Helpline Numbers:

Gorakhpur - 0551-2203265 / 0551-3303365 / 0551-2201796
Lucknow - 0522-2233042
Chhapra - 097714 43941
Bhatni - 05566-281361
Devriya - 05568-227790
(Source: IBN7, NDTV)

As per the news at 8.30 am, 12 people are reported dead and 45 injured.

Praying that there are no more casualties.


Letter to those with camera phones:

It's a shame that someone has to say this but when you witness an accident DON'T JUST CLICK PHOTOS, HELP PEOPLE.

Another derailment happened in Mumbai yesterday. One killed, 23 injured. Suddenly, again, a person became a number. HSC student Dhaval Lodaya (17) could not be saved. Could have been saved. Only if medical help arrived in time. Reportedly, it took 90 minutes. I know, it is not a surprise to most of Mumbaikars. But there were people, a lot of people. Some injured, some just saved, some onlookers. And yet, in those 90 minutes when the ambulance did not arrive, people kept clicking photos, or that's what I read in the newspaper.