What to do when you see someone performing stunts in trains?

Yesterday, a video of Reay Road train stunt boys became a 'hit' on Facebook. While many people condemned the stunt, some were rather amazed by the 'talent' of these boys. I wondered and figured out why people don't try hard enough to stop these guys in the train - Dangerous train stunt: Please don't attempt this.

Stop the stunt boys NOW!
Little did I know that today's headlines would be about someone copying the act and getting severely injured. A 13-year old Zahid Ansari imitated the act with 2 of his friends in a CST-bound train. When a railway yard worker standing by the tracks asked them to stop, Zahid hurled out abuses at him. Within seconds, the boy hit a pole and fell off the train! Zahid landed unconscious on the tracks as the yard worker rushed to save him in time!

Now here's the thing my fellow commuters - It might take time for all the 'stunt heroes' to stop these stupid acts. But until then, let's do something about it. 

What to do to stop these guys:

  1. Do not waste any time after noticing an act. Immediately ask them sternly to stop and continue until they stop. Ignore their swear words, coz they don't know what they are doing. If you see someone trying to stop the guys, join the person. If all the commuters together insist that they stop, they sure will.
  2. Tell the guys that you will report it to police and they can be jailed for three months. Section 156 of Railway Act punishes those travelling dangerously. Accused can be fined Rs 500 and/or sent to prison for three months.
  3. Call up the helpline numbers (please save the numbers on your phone).
  4. If necessary, stop the train by pulling the chain.
Also, you can check out the accident info over the months at the Central Railway website. As of today, there are already 241 accident cases reported including those who fell off the train, were knocked down, fell due to giddiness and were run over while crossing the tracks.

Dangerous train stunt - Please don't attempt this

I have often come across youngsters who try various 'stunts' in trains. Most of them are in the age group 12-18! While they think they appear 'cool' doing so, they don't realise that they only show how stupid they are and more than anything else, their life is at a huge risk. Worst is not losing life but losing a limb or having an injury that will ruin their life forever!

I came across this video of a guy performing a super risky stunt which is being shared a lot on Facebook pages today:

These stunt boys go with the funda - itna darr darr ke nahin jeeneka. However, they ignore that the nahin jeeneka part of the sentence is the strongest in this scenario.

Also, I have seen commuters just making faces but not asking them to stop. Commuters don't want to hear stuff like 'Uncle, apna kaam kar na', 'Tereko kya karneka hai?', etc. But remember - if you don't say a word and you happen to witness a tragic incident you might regret all your life, "If only I had asked them to stop!"

At the most, only three things are possible if you ask these boys to stop:
  1. They will poke fun at you. But seriously, they are actually poking fun at themselves and all the other commuters (onlookers) know that.
  2. They will ignore your comment / continue. But at least you tried.
  3. They will feel embarrassed if every time they do so, commuters stop them / debate with them. They won't find it 'cool' enough.They might stop.
Please remember that while these youngsters perform such stunts, some other boys too feel like attempting the act. At least, when they see commuters' objecting the potential 'stunt boys' might not try.


Local trains running late / stopped due to rains

Mumbai local train services are affected due to heavy rains and water logging on several tracks.

Status at 9.40 am on August 29, 2011:
Mankhurd-CST Harbour line closed
Kurla-CST Main line closed
Western line trains are running 10 mins late

Locals take train to Jan Lokpal Bill

Some local train commuters prefer to fight for a seat.
Some wait until infinity for someone to alight at a station.
Some 'smart' commuters grab the slightest opportunity to force themselves on the seat for which the ever-waiting poor fellow had been standing on his toes all the time!

But on Saturday, August 20 2011, all the commuters had something in common - a hope to bring an end to corruption! After all, some Youngsters from India Against Corruption had boarded the 10.57 am Churchgate bound train to show and gather support for the Jan Lokpal Bill. They rightly called the train Jan Lokpal Express. They circulated leaflets that educated the commuters about the bill as well as the difference between Lokpal Bill and Jan Lokpal Bill.

The mood in the trains was amazing with everyone wanting to join the fight against corruption instead of fighting among themselves for a seat in the train.

PS - If you have come across a similar instance in trains, do share with us.

Sunday Mega Block Timings: Central / Harbour Line

Central Railway will operate a mega block today on Sunday August 21, 2011. Here are the mega block timings you must be aware of if you are planning to travel by local trains in Mumbai today:

Mega block on Matunga to Mulund fast track: 11 am to 4 pm

Fast trains leaving from CST between 10.28 am and 3.25 pm will run on slow track from Matunga to Mulund during this time and will halt at all stations between Sion and Mulund.

Mega block from Kurla to CST: 11 am to 4 pm
Mega block from Wadala to Bandra: 11 am to 4 pm
Mega block from Bandra to Wadala: 11 am to 4 pm

Harbour line trains from Panvel / Belapur / Vashi for CST will run on Central Main Line from Kurla station  from 10.40 am to 3.54 pm and will not stop at Curry Road and Chinchpokli.

Harbour line train services will remain suspended as follows:
Mega block from CST to Bandra / Andheri: 10.47 am to 4.03 pm
Mega block from Bandra / Andheri to CST: 10.41 am to 3.48 pm

Harbour line commuters for Bandra / Andheri can travel via main line / western line from 10 am to 6 pm during the mega block.

Info courtesy: Central Railway, The Times of Navi Mumbai


Every other day we hear news of people falling off from Mumbai local trains or dying while crossing railway tracks. If that's not enough, there are train derailments and accidents at times. While the latter is out of the control of commuters, losing life while crossing tracks / standing at the footboard can be avoided.
On the right track?

On Independence Day itself, two people met with train casualties.  
  • 36-year old Abdul Rahim Shaikh fell of a CST-bound train at Dadar... unfortunately he could not be saved. 
  • 22-year old Yusuf Shaikh got three of his toes crushed as he too fell on the tracks after his train crossed Dadar station.
While we all know that crossing tracks / travelling on the footboard is dangerous, we tend to do so. At that moment we think we are careful enough, at that moment we think nothing bad will happen... but remember - all those who lost their life / limbs thought the same. 

Announcing ACCIDENTS section on this site
Here's an attempt to list such casualties so that we are constantly aware of what we can face, so that we NEVER make the slightest mistake. After all, it's not the hospital / crematorium we intend to reach by trains, is it? 

If you are aware of any such incident / have faced something after which you decided never to cross tracks, do share it here. 

November 1, 2011: College student dies after hitting railway pole - 17-year old Jaideep lost his life when his head hit a railway pole

October 2, 2011: No Foot to Keep on Footboard - Kadar Shaikh lost his leg while losing grip on the vertical rod at train's footboard.

September 25, 2011: Man loses arm thanks to inhuman commuters, authorities - 45-year old Shivaji Ambavale fell off while trying to board a running train.

August 15, 2011: 36-year old Abdul Rahim Shaikh fell of a CST-bound train at Dadar... unfortunately he could not be saved. 22-year old Yusuf Shaikh got three of his toes crushed as he too fell on the tracks after his train crossed Dadar station.

Sunday Mega Block timings - Central / Harbour Line

Like most Sundays, Mumbai local train services will be affected by mega block on August 14, 2011. Here are the timings:

Mulund and Matunga: Fast trains leaving Thane from 10.50 am to 3.42 pm will run on the slow track between Mulund and Matunga and will halt at all stations in between.
CST to Bandra/Andheri: Trains will not run from 10.47 am to 4.03 pm.
Andheri / Bandra to CST: Trains will not run from 10.41 am to 3.48 pm.
CST to Panvel/Belapur/Vashi: Harbour line trains from CST will run on main line up to Kurla between 10.39 am and 3.53 pm and will not halt at Currey Road and Chinchpokli.