Central, harbour line mega block timings on 31st Jan

Mumbai's harbour line is having a mega block today on 31st January 2010 due to railways' maintenance work.
Because of the mega block, the local trains will not run from Kurla to Mumbai CST from 11 am to 4 pm. Trains will also not run between Wadala and Bandra (both directions) from 11 am to 4 pm.

However, up harbour line services from Kurla will take the main line route from 11.07 am to 3.56 pm but will not stop at Curry Road and Chichpokli stations.
Trains from Mumbai CST towards Panvel will not face a mega block.

Harbour line trains will not run from CST to Bandra / Andheri  from 10.47 am to 4.03 pm.
Harbour line trains will not run from Bandra / Andheri  to CST from 10.41 am to 3.48 pm.

Harbour line commuters for Bandra / Andheri are allowed to travel on the central main line as well as the western line on their valid card/season tickets from 10 am to 6 pm on 31st January 2010.

Thane and Kalyan fast track line will face a mega block between 9.55 am and 3.25 pm. Fast trains from CST will run as slow trains on the slow track between Thane and Kalyan from 9.08 am to 1.40 pm.


Motormen strike status: 26th January strike called off

Here's some respite for Mumbai local train commuters! The motormen have called off the 26th January strike after receiving assurance that their demands will be considered. Yes!!! The strike now stands cancelled!

The railways had issued an ad in the newspapers on Monday requesting the people to cooperate during the strike and had even made arrangements to ensure the safety of motormen not participating in the strike. Read about it here.

Central and western railway prepare for 26th January motormen strike

LATEST STRIKE UPDATE, 25th January, 10:00 pm: The motormen strike has been called off!

25th January 2010: That the motormen of central and western line local trains will be going on strike on 26th January is confirmed. Now with just around 200 motormen working on the Republic Day, disruption of suburban train services and commuter inconvenience is obvious.

Aware of the way people / unions participating in the strike react when trains do not run as per schedule and given the fact that eventually the motormen at work face all the brunt, Central and Western railways are taking several precautionary steps.

Western line mega block between Goregaon and Borivali today

24th January 2010: There's a Mega block between Borivali and Goregoan stations of the western line today. Local trains will not be running between these stations from 10:35 am to 3:35 pm.

Click here for central / harbour line mega block timing.

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Harbour line mega block timing today

24th January 2010: Due to a mega block, local trains would not be running the entire day between Belapur and Panvel stations today (it seems that work on this track will get over only at 2 am on 25th January).

But those who wish to travel up to Nerul from CST need not worry as these services won't be affected. Thane-Nerul trains will also be running.

In addition, there will be a mega block between Byculla and Ghatkopar from 10:55 am to 4:26 pm today on 24th January 2010.

Click here for western line mega block timing.
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Why are trains late today?

22 January 2010: I reached Navi Mumbai's Seawoods station around 6:30 pm to reach Vashi. An announcement was being made at the station that trains are running late and some provisions are being made to help the commuters.

I browsed through the Internet and discovered the reason for the trains being late. As per some news websites, motormen association of Central Railway went on a strike as the demands of the motormen (drivers) are long pending. The demands include better pay, better working conditions and a weekly off. However,they called off their strike soon with the condition that if their demands are not met,they'll go on strike on 26th January.

News sources: Zee News, SamayLive

Central main, harbour line trains running late today

22 Jan, 6.30 pm - Trains from CST are running approx 30 minutes late today. Special bus services are provided from CST and Byculla. Commuters can use their tickets to travel on western line as per railway announcement.
Wondering why the trains are late today? Read here.

15-Coach train time table from Andheri to Borivali, Vasai, Virar

Here are the timings of the 15-coach trains starting from Andheri to Borivali, Vasai Road and Virar:

15-Coach train timings from Dadar to Virar, Vasai

15-Coach local train services have started between a few stations in Mumbai. Here are the timings of the trains starting from Dadar to Andheri, Borivali, Virar and Vasai Road:

Vasai road to Panvel local train time table

There's one local train that starts from Vasai road directly for Panvel. Train departs from Vasai road at 4.40 pm and reaches Panvel at 6.25 pm.

Panvel to Vasai road local train time table

There's one local train that starts from Panvel directly for Vasai road.Train departs from Panvel at 9.20 am and reaches Vasai road at 11.05 am.

Railway Helpline Numbers (Mumbai local trains)

Railway has provided helpline numbers to ease the life of local train commuters in Mumbai.

New railway security helpline numbers for Mumbai commuters (updated July 7, 2011):  
CR helpline number - 1275
WR helpline number - 1276. 

The other numbers too will remain funtional.

The GRP helpline number is 98333 31111 handles calls ranging from theft and lost baggage to medical emergencies and molestation.

CR 24-hour helpline number / Railway Protection Force (RPF) control number 022-22620800 handles emergencies.

24x7 helpline exclusively for female commuters: 022 - 2275 5555 and 022- 6745 5555

For obscene graffiti / your mobile number put up in trains: Send an SMS to Central Railway helpline number 90044 11111, or the Western Railway helpline number 90044 77777.
The SMS feedback system is attended to everyday, but not on real time basis.

PS - Use these numbers only in case of genuine problems

Train to Panvel derailed near Belapur station

The New Year doesn't seem to have a good start for the Indian Railways. After four train accidents within a span of 16 days in other parts of the country due to fog (Bhiwani-Gorakhpur Gorakhdham Express rammed into the Allahabad-bound Prayagraj Express, Delhi-Sitamarhi Licchavi Express rammed into the Magadh Express, Sarju Express rammed into a tractor-trolley and Kalindi Express rammed the stationary Delhi-Kanpur Shram Shakti Express), a Mumbai train too might have witnessed something unfortunate. But then it couldn't be blamed on any fog.

Yesterday (17th January 2010), a Panvel bound train derailed near Belapur station. One of the wheels of a general compartment of the train went off the tracks resulting in the derailment. Fortunately, no one was injured and services were restored in a couple of hours.

Too many train related incidents have been happening in Mumbai off late. I wonder why? We really aren't in a state to take another train-related tragedy. I hope the authorities take extra care and stringent measures to avoid such derailments. What do you think?

Churchgate to Andheri local train time table

If you stay between Andheri and Churchgate, you can easily opt for the Andheri bound trains from Churchgate station to avoid travelling in crowded trains. The frequency is very impressive and there are some fast trains as well! Here's the Churchgate to Andheri local train time table:

PS: I do not travel much in the western line these days, so in case there's any update, please inform your fellow commuters on this site.

Matheran to Neral Toy train time table

Planning to board a toy train while returning from Matheran? You can purchase the ticket at Matheran Market station. It makes sense to reach the station in advance as on weekends the tickets get sold very fast and then the frequency of the train is very less. Here are the Matheran to Neral Toy train timings:

Click here for Neral to Matheran toy train time table.

Neral to Matheran toy train timings

Reaching Matheran by the toy train from Neral is one beautiful experience. But the frequency of toy trains is very less - just five services in a day! It makes sense to know the Neral to Matheran toy train time table in advance. I hope this helps: