Bombay local - people in view are larger than they appear

Yeah, on my journey back home yesterday, a much stronger lady tried to fit herself in a space between me and the 4th-seat-stubborn female. She obviously ended up resting herself on my lap. Hello! I understand that the female was tremendously tired and needed rest, and when that dumb 4th-seat female wasn't ready to shift a bit for the benefit of all, the stronger female was left with no choice but being my laptop!

So I got up and went to find another place, incidentally facing these 2 females. after a while I heard some noise, of course, the ladies were fighting. The strange part is that I was quiet, trying to forget, the stronger female was quiet, trying to forget. The people who were fighting were the 4th-seat-stubborn female and an onlooker of the entire episode. The subject of the fight: Why the hell the 4th-seat-stubborn female doesn't compromise!

Damn. All I and the stronger female did was shared some blank and tiresome glances.

The worst was: I lost my favourite comb on the seat I left. I miss it so much :(


geveN said...

unfortunately there are no smileys here in NZ you can get for $2 a bag full of combs in all shapes and sizes!!! and I miss, sometimes gratefully, the bustling and jostling.....trains and buses are empty Auckland the local is a two compartment affair but very neat, carpeted, and the ticket checker remains on the small train, getting on platforms at most stations to stroll around!!!