Train travelling with good old friends

Life's busy. Or at least we think that it is. So how do we catch up with friends when life moves at the speed of light?

It's kinda unspoken understanding, but me and my sweet friend Varsha try and meet up while travelling back home. Of course, it takes a lot of coordination (it's rare that we both reach our respective stations to board the same train every day). But then, those 15 minutes are spent happily chattering away just the way we used to do during our college days! Somehow, those 15 minutes seem to pass away n times faster as compared to any other day of train travelling. After calling it a day at work, mostly very hectic with enough topping of stress, those moments act as a sure-shot stress buster.

And when I get off from the train, wave her good bye and start climbing the bridge, an effortless smile comes to my face only to hope that we meet again soon.

I love and owe our local trains for this!