Up line trains and Down line trains

Many news regarding trains have terms like UP LINE TRAINS / DOWN LINE TRAINS. Several train rescheduling / delay related announcements at stations also include terms like "up slow line trains", "down fast line trains", etc.

So what exactly do they mean by UP and DOWN lines / trains? 

Basically, a train going in the direction of the metropolis or the main terminus is called UP train or referred to be running in the UP direction.

So in case of Mumbai, trains running towards Churchgate and CST are UP LINE TRAINS.
Trains leaving away from Churchgate and CST are DOWN LINE TRAINS.


Akshay said...

Hi Anuradha, I really find your blog well-researched. Yes, it is precisely that. Though, this definition changes in certain cases and trains. In Delhi, the system changes a bit :)

Anuradha Khanna Pentapalli said...

Thanks Akshay!