Travelling to Navi Mumbai

It's amazing how all that we feel about our things is so relative. Travelling beyond Bandra until now was like a real long journey for me. And now, when I need to travel to New Bombay a.k.a. Navi Mumbai, this journey in the western suburbs seems like child's play.

Must learn the tricks of boarding and getting off Navi Mumbai trains soon. Any tips?


Challenger said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and your comments! I absolutely Love your blog too!

The Solitary Writer. said...

hmm even i travel to navi mumbai from santacruz

but i guess its better than western line....but at morning its really difficult to get into train as its crowded and first class boggie is hell jam packed and by the time i reach nerul ,... i am like no where and full of sweats and terrible scenario

wht u have to say abt it