How to get in a crowded train

Getting in a crowded local train in Mumbai isn't that tough really. Of course, experience helps in this case too, after all it's an art and it takes time to master it. But trust me, it's not impossible.

Here are the basics:

1 - If you are thin: Try to be the first one to reach near the door of the train. Others [the ones who are lucky to be much stronger than you] will see to it that you get inside the train so that they are able to.
2 - If you are fat: Hello... why do you think God gifted you those extra kilos? Use them to your advantage. Just push yourself in the train, others in front of you will automatically get in the train. That way, you will do some social work as well.
3 - If you are medium built: Use your judgment. Thin and fat are after all relative terms. Observe the people around you and decide whether you are stronger or weaker than them. Then, as per the situation, choose one of the above categories for yourself.

Hope you board the next train conveniently.

PS - Use the above tactics at your own risk. Don't blame me if you don't succeed. For all you know, I end up boarding the fourth or fifth train that arrives at the station after I reach the platform.


Jagjit said...

haha, thanks for the tips... i used to travel by trains long back. i used the 'thin' strategy: always worked for me :) nice blog!

navin said...

It is indeed quite a task to get in a train. A lot of times, I get pushed and I think I'd make it, by the time I reach the door, I am pushed by the people getting off and they take me with them. The train leaves and I am still standing at the platform,

zazo said...

Even if the dream of Mumbai turning to be Shanghai comes true, I dont think that getting into the train will get easier nor mumbaities will like clean and peaceful way to office everyday.
Just a joke, dont try to take it any other way!
I salute the spirits of Mumbai "log"