Updated Nerul-Thane Train Time Table

PLEASE NOTE: This is an older post. Get the latest Nerul-Thane timings as from 21st December 2009 here

New trains were introduced on the Nerul-Thane Route from 27th January 2009 adding to the respite of the commuters in this route. Here's the timetable for the new train timings. Hope it helps all train travellers! Do let me know in case there's any change in the timing.

New trains plying from Nerul to Thane:
Nerul 08:35 - Thane 09:07
Nerul 10:01 - Thane 10:33
Nerul 11:28 - Thane 12:00
Nerul 13:00 - Thane 13:32
Nerul 14:43 - Thane 15:15
Nerul 16:10 - Thane 16:42
Nerul 17:37 - Thane 18:09
Nerul 19:00 - Thane 19:32
Nerul 20:20 - Thane 20:52
Nerul 21:40 - Thane 22:12


Anonymous said...


Kunal. said...

Timings have changed now.. I dont have complete list of new ones. But,Nerul 19.00 bounded train now leaves at 18.52. Also they have added a 19.29 train. There are trains after every 30 mins or so.

Anuradha Khanna Pentapalli said...

thanks Kunal,i think u landed at an older article. The latest one is here http://bombay-local.blogspot.com/2009/03/nerul-to-thane-local-train-time-table.html
i'll update the link on this post as well.

Kunal said...

Hi Anu,

The timings have changed now both for Thane - Panvel & Panvel - Thane trains. Also, the frequency of trains have been increased with additions of new trains.

I don't have the exact timings as of now. Incase,you have kindly update the blog as it will be cetainly helpful for your visitors.


Anuradha Khanna Pentapalli said...

Thanks Kunal, am updating the trans harbour line timetable right now!

Anonymous said...

any one can update a new time table from thane to vashi and thane to nerul/panvel pandit morbale ,airoli 13/6/2010