Updated Thane-Nerul-Panvel Train Time Table

New trains were introduced on the Thane-Nerul Route from 27th January 2009 adding to the respite of the commuters in this route. Here's the updated timetable that includes both the old and the new train timings (had added the earlier timings when this train service was introduced here). Hope it helps all train travellers! Do let me know in case there's any change in the timing.

UPDATE 1: New trains are introduced on the route from 21st December 2009!
UPDATE 2: Fast trains introduced from Thane to Panvel for the first time. Click here for detailed timings and stations where the trains will halt.

UPDATE 3: Time Table effective 29th May 2010

Trains plying from Thane to Nerul / Panvel:
Thane 05:50 - Nerul 06:22 (new train from 21st December 2009)
Thane 06:25 - Nerul 06:57 (new train from 21st December 2009)
Thane 07:23 - Nerul 07:55 (new train from 21st December 2009)
Thane 07:55 - Nerul 08:27 (new train from 27th January 2009)
Thane 08:05 - Panvel 9:00
Thane 08:41 - Nerul 09:13 (new train from 21st December 2009)
Thane 09:14 - Nerul 09:46 (new train from 27th January 2009)
Thane 10:03 - Nerul 10:21 (new train from 21st December 2009)
Thane 10:15 - Nerul 10:47 (new train from 27th January 2009)
Thane 10:21 - Nerul 10:53 (new train from 21st December 2009)
Thane 10:30 - Nerul 11:02
Thane 11:25 - Nerul 11:57 (new train from 21st December 2009)
Thane 11:50 - Nerul 12:22
Thane 12:15 - Nerul 12:47 (new train from 27th January 2009)
Thane 13:22 - Nerul 13:54
Thane 14:00 - Nerul 14:32 (new train from 27th January 2009)
Thane 14:54 - Nerul 15:26
Thane 15:30 - Nerul 16:02 (new train from 27th January 2009)
Thane 16:15 - Nerul 16:47
Thane 16:50 - Nerul 17:22 (new train from 27th January 2009)
Thane 17:24 - Nerul 17:56 (new train from 21st December 2009)
Thane 17:50 - Panvel 18:44
Thane 18:20 - Nerul 18:52 (new train from 27th January 2009)
Thane 18:42 - Nerul 19:14 (new train from 21st December 2009)
Thane 19:25 - Nerul 19:57 (new train from 21st December 2009)
Thane 19:40 - Nerul 20:12 (new train from 27th January 2009)
Thane 19:58 - Nerul 20:30
Thane 20:41 - Nerul 21:13 (new train from 21st December 2009)
Thane 21:00 - Nerul 21:32 (new train from 27th January 2009)
Thane 21:40 - Nerul 22:12 (new train from 21st December 2009)


shim said...

Let us know about the latest timetable for Thane Panvel w.e.f 26Feb09

rajeev said...

I would like station wise time table ...

Anonymous said...

how can i go thane to belapur.....
can i get time table of up & down trains?

Anuradha Khanna Pentapalli said...

hi, to go to belapur from thane, you can try these routes:

1 - take a thane-vashi train. get down at sanpada / vashi and take a direct train to belapur / panvel.

2- take a thane-nerul train. alight at nerul and take a direct train to belapur / panvel.

viraj said...

Their should be more trains starting from nerul station.......VIRAJ KELKAR

samir said...

Plz dont desturb previous time table while adding new trains.e.g.changing time of 10:01am to 9:51am.So keep 10:01am time as it is by adding new trains.

Abhishek said...

You have just become famous :-) I saw people carrying printout of this page and sharing the link in local train.
But that increases the expectations from the blog,
Thanks a lot for sharing the blog with us

Anuradha Khanna Pentapalli said...

thanks abhishek! inspires me to improve the blog and keep it updated.

Anonymous said...

Would like to travel to vashi from mahim, which are the direct trains available?

Anuradha Khanna Pentapalli said...

if you wish to travel directly to vashi from mahim, take an andheri-panvel train. Here's the timetable - http://bombay-local.blogspot.com/2009/11/andheri-to-panvel-train-timetable.html

Anonymous said...

With the increase in traffic jams on the roads Train Services are the best best choice . We need a station to station timetable incase I wish to alight/ board the train in-between.

monika said...

Can any one tell me the easiest way to travel from Borivili to Belapur

Anuradha Khanna Pentapalli said...

@monica: These are the options:

1 - Borivli to Dadar, Dadar to Kurla, Kurla to Belapur
2 - Borivli-Andheri-Belapur

Try the second option since you'll just travel by 2 trains in that case and you can board the Andheri harbour local from platform 6/7 and get a place to sit as well!

Here's the Andheri-Panvel time table: http://bombay-local.blogspot.com/2009/11/andheri-to-panvel-train-timetable.html

Sejalsinh said...


Anonymous said...


Abhishek said...

On 29th May 2010, few new trains are introduced on Panvel Thane route. Perhaps, Nerul trains are converted into Panvel trains. As I board from Kharghar, that brings convenience to me.

Have a look at the image of the timetable here - http://goo.gl/gziE .

Praveen said...

Please provide me the new time table vashi/panvel/Nerul to Thane since 1st June 2010.

Anuradha Khanna Pentapalli said...

Thanks readers for your comments. I was away from town and will post the new timetable immediately. Thanks for the patience!

Abhishek said...

Kharghar Nerul timetable with new trains
I clicked it at Kharghar and is helpful to me at least. I am sure similar timetable would be there at Nerul / Belapur / Panvel / Thane / Vashi. All can be combined and single sheet can be created. Official printed timetable is not yet out I blv.

Anuradha Khanna Pentapalli said...

that's great abhishek! thanks for sharing. I'll see what I can do on this :) will update all the other timetables on this blog gradually.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the time table. I do up down from Kharghar to Thane for work. Where can i find the updated timetables?

POO said...


Anuradha Khanna Pentapalli said...

Please find the updated time table here - http://www.mumbai-localtrains.com/2010/06/thane-nerul-belapur-panvel-trains.html

Anonymous said...

please change the morning time of Thane To Nerul train.It should be 8.45 am.after 8.37(vashi train).we have to wait atleast 15 min for the next train,vashi train having so much rush.please consider this comment immediately.

Anonymous said...

The train which starts at 5.42 from VASHI is supposed to be a Ladies special with a board and announcement at the stations. But it looks like a gents special .

We agree that gents to would like to go home early. but that doesnot mean they get into all the compartments and create problems for females.

Suggest that the train be converted to at least 3 Compartments ladies on the Vashi side be purely ladies - no gents should be allowed ( one near the bridge at Thane station- This is connected to 2 ladies compartment of Central line)
Hope you take necessary action at the earliest.

Anonymous said...

I want to know the time table of belapur-thane trains.and please tel me the cost of 1 class and 2 nd class pass from belapur to kanjurmarg.thank you.