New Panvel / Nerul to Thane Local Train Time Table from December 21, 2009

Additional local trains are plying from Nerul to Thane since the last time I updated the time table on this blog. So here's the latest one.

UPDATE 1: Additional train services are introduced on the transharbour line from 29th May 2010. Pls find the updated timings here.

Do remember to reach the station 10 minutes in advance. Though these are the timings that appeared in the newspapers, some of these trains leave Nerul 10 minutes earlier. Do let me know if you know the actual time when the trains leave Nerul.

Nerul 06:32 - Thane 07:04
Nerul 07:09 - Thane 07:41
Nerul 08:02 - Thane 08:34
Panvel 08:06- Nerul 08:27 - Thane 08:52 FAST TRAIN
Nerul 08:32- Thane 09:03
Nerul 09:24 - Thane 09:56
Panvel 09:16 - Nerul 09:40 - Thane 10:11
Nerul 09:51 - Thane 10:22
Nerul 10:43 - Thane 11:15
Nerul 11:00 - Thane 11:31
Nerul 11:28 - Thane 11:59
Nerul 12:12 - Thane 12:44
Nerul 12:30 - Thane 13:01
Nerul 13:10 - Thane 13:41
Nerul 14:05 - Thane 14:36
Nerul 14:33- Thane 15:04
Nerul 15:25- Thane 15:56
Nerul 16:10 - Thane 16:41
Nerul 16:45 - Thane 17:16
Nerul 17:29 - Thane 18:00
Nerul 18:03 - Thane 18:35
Panvel 18:25- Nerul 18:46 - Thane 19:11 FAST TRAIN
Nerul 18:51 - Thane 19:22
Panvel 18:52 - Nerul 19:17 - Thane 19:48 TIPS
Nerul 19:29 - Thane 20:00
Nerul 20:09 - Thane 20:40
Nerul 20:32 - Thane 21:03
Nerul 20:58 - Thane 21:29
Nerul 21:20 - Thane 21:51
Nerul 21:40 - Thane 22:11
Nerul 22:10 - Thane 22:41 The train left from Nerul at 22.19 on 19th January, please let us know if the train leaves at this time daily
Nerul 23:00 - Thane 23:31

Get the detailed Panvel-Thane fast trains time table here.


Anonymous said...

You might be very right about 10 min theorem. I am pretty sure about the 11:10 train. It leaves Nerul at 10:58.


Anuradha Khanna said...

thank you for your inputs Rajneesh

Anonymous said...

plz introduce new tarin between 5:37PM to 7:00PM, as if this train start then vashi train rush will be getting lee.


Jyotsna P said...

Thnx Ma'm.Will you be posting the stationwise UP-DOWN timetable any time soon ? That will be a real help ! Thnx again .

Anuradha Khanna Pentapalli said...

I'll try to post the station wise timetable as soon as possible. am just waiting for all trains timings to be finalized

Abhishek said...

The 8:35 Nerul Thane is now, 8:32 Nerul-Thane, Trust me, i missed the train yesterday and managed it today :-)

Anonymous said...

Many thank to you providing latest update on addtional rain table mumbai. Would prefer if you could present it in a tabulated form for easy read. Spillai

Anuradha Khanna Pentapalli said...

thanks... i have started uploading the tabular formats...hope it helps

Kunal said...

Thanks for the updated time table.

Anuradha Khanna Pentapalli said...

you r welcome

Kunal said...


Just to add in the list. Please include the Panvel-Thane bound fast train too. Timing for this train is 18.46 from Nerul. May be useful to the visitors of your Blog.

Anuradha Khanna Pentapalli said...

Thanks Kunal. Have done so and given a link to the detailed timetable and a link to some tips as well.

SAURABH said...

yes the nerul thane train is at 22:19. thats the actual timing

Kunal said...

Hi Anu,

Can you please update with the latest timetable. I guess plenty of new trains have been added on the Trans-Harbour route.

rahul said...

what are the peak hours on
trans- harbour route????

Please guide me friends as i am new to this city!!

Anuradha Khanna Pentapalli said...

Rahul - the trans-harbour route is generally not as crowded like the other routes. You can always get in the train. morning 8-9 and evenings 6-8 can be called peak hours. Also depends on where you are catching the train from... it's easy from vashi station as the trains start from there.