Vashi-Thane Train Frequency Needs A Relook

Latest update:
New timetable has been introduced from February 2012: Thane Vashi Local Train Time Table 2012

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The frequency of local trains plying between Vashi and Thane might have been okay a few months / years ago. But now, the number of people travelling on this route has increased substantially. 20-30 minutes frequency is not at all convenient for the commuters. At peak hours the frequency must be 10 minutes at least, if not five.

One must consider that majority people travelling on this route actually travel really long distances changing 2-4 trains (one-way journey) daily. Now while returning from work after already travelling for an hour or more, if they miss one train at Vashi by a few seconds, they have to wait for half-an-hour.

Consider the train timings from Vashi to Thane in the evening:

It’s not possible for the commuters to shell out 50 rupees or more everyday on auto-rickshaws that have high fares in that side of the city. As a result many commuters cross railway tracks to get into a moving train from Vashi. And almost everyone runs from one platform to another as if hell broke. Seeing people tripping, getting hurt and getting highly frustrated by missing a train by a couple of seconds is a usual sight on the Vashi-Thane route.

It would be great if the commuters’ plight is considered and the frequency of trains is increased.