Railway Emergency Number Really Helps

Last evening on my way back home, I took a Kurla local that left from Parel at 6:49 pm. I reached the station at the last minute and hence boarded the last second class ladies coach of the train. Fortunately, I got a place to sit as well.

But soon after the train crossed Matunga station, there was a loud thud near the door / window of the train (the east facing side). Obviously what followed was a little panic, but thankfully the women did not over react. Of course, then we all tried to find out if someone got hurt, did some miscreant throw a stone at the train etc. Thankfully, no one was hurt. No one could make out any sense, but obviously people got a bit scared. Also, the sound was too loud to resemble anything close to a stone hitting a compartment.

It made sense to inform the railway authorities about the incident. So I called up the Railway Emergency Number 222620800 that is provided in the compartments. It was not an IVR number and as always the official on the other side was very attentive.

He asked me the details when I requested him to check if some miscreants are throwing stones / if there is any other problem. I have no idea about what happened after that, but the way the official assured me that he will send someone to check the situation, I knew he will take care of it.

I thank and appreciate the official (I do not know his name) and the railway authorities for the help.