3 Train-related accidents in India in one day, what’s with number 12 today?

Few minutes ago, I wrote about the Gandhidham Bangalore Express derailment at Mumbai’s Dombivli. As many as 12 coaches of the train had derailed. And as I searched the internet for updates on the same, I came across this Times of India report of 12 people losing their lives on railway tracks in NCR in two incidents separated by 12 hours.

Of course, in the second case the people who were crossing the tracks did the wrong thing, but still the locals then beat up railway staffers (as if crossing tracks is allowed). True that I am not from that area so I don’t know if people have some other option to reach on the other side of the tracks. Am sure if the motormen could have stopped the train running at that speed, they would have done so.

I urge again – Please do not cross railway tracks.