Kurla to Panvel trains, new platform at Kurla possible

If you are among those who change platforms and trains at Kurla station to board a train towards Panvel, you must have always wondered:

"Why can't there be starting trains from Kurla to Vashi/Panvel?"
"How can they expect us to board a packed train coming from CST at overcrowded Kurla station?"
"Why can't I get a place to sit if I have a 'smaller' distance to travel? Most of the people commute up to Wadala / CST and seats are always occupied!"

And when you travel in the opposite direction, from say Kalamboli to Sanpada, the questions are similar, aren't they.

But there might be a respite, sooner or later. As per today's news (Soon, trains to Panvel could start from Kurla - Hindustan Times), CR wishes to build an additional platform (number 9) at Kurla for trains going up to Panvel. If this happens, Navi Mumbai trains will have starting and terminating point at Kurla!

But don't celebrate already. The proposal will first be sent to Mumbai Rail Vikas Corporation. And some CR sources think that this idea might not see the light of the day as it will involve huge costs.

C'mon, we spent crores for CWG infrastructure that won't be much useful for the aam junta after the games. It makes sense to spend some money here instead, doesn't it?


Nargis said...

I will be very thankful if this happens so.. though i don't have to travel Navi Mumbai side but my elder brother-in-law has to,, everyday.. I hope this will be a good news for him too..

@Anu: keep updating such post.. Thank You.

Anuradha Khanna Pentapalli said...

Thanks nargis! i hope this happens too... life will become much better for us navi mumbai residents

Ozymandias said...

Why so complicated? There is already a defunct Platform no. 9 and 10 at Kurla Stn in Tilaknagar side. These can be refurbished for much cheaper I'm sure.

And why don't they start Kurla-Airoli trains?

Anuradha Khanna Pentapalli said...

all we know they might be talking bt using the same platform tht u r mentioning. kurla-thane trains are a must for me... and many others

Israni said...


I am a daily commuter on harbour line from CBD, belapur to kurla since last 9 years. I remember Initially when navi mumbai services were pressed into service, a shuttle service between kurla and vashi did run from platform 9-10. I couldn't guess or assume any technical reason for platform 9 /10 being taken out of operations and shutting down the shuttle service for navi mumbai. Rather this service is a strong contender in the light of major development happening in navimumbai.

I strongly believe the investment which should be a minisucal, considering the apathy of the navi mumbai commuters and for CR it would pay off in no time. I strongly support reinstating platform 9 /10 and kurla - panvel back into service.


javed shaikh said...

railway vikas dont waste time restart 9&10 platform because 2012 is coming plzz dont play with poor people bcoz they are tierd