Yesterday Bandra Fire, Today Slumdog Millionaire?

Last evening's fire near Bandra station was such a disaster. So while last night the top news were that of the Fire in Shanties in general (#bandra, #fire, #bandrafire leading twitter trends), today, Slumdog Millionaire and Rubina Ali are making news.

The fact of life being: Most people are more interested in the life of celebrities than that of the common man.

With Rubina, many kids were rendered homeless due to the fire that broke out in Garibnagar slums. I wonder if anyone Googled: What happened to the kids and people who lost their homes in Bandra Fire.

The news headlines in some papers are about Slumdog Millionaire's Rubina losing her home. That's okay coz the newspapers serve what people want to read. But these articles don't even have a single mention that hundreds of others are homeless too.

Such is life!

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