Double Train Tragedy in a Single Day in India

It was hard enough to believe the tragic New Delhi-Howrah Kalka Mail derailment news earlier today when another train accident at around 8.20 pm shocked me.

I switched on the television at night to see news about the Kalka Mail accident and was surprised to see some station names that had no connection whatsoever with the derailment. Another train had derailed in India - Guwahati-Jagannath Puri Express... Seriously!

Looks like a nightmare, and I so hope that when I wake up in the morning I realise it was a terrible nightmare. Things can't be so bad, so sad.

While over the last couple of days, we hated the fact that Mumbai local trains services were horribly affected with just 1 day of heavy rains... while we heard 'tragic' incidents of people stranded in trains and at stations for a couple of hours... suddenly today all of that appears like not so much of a big deal. Suddenly the 7/11 memories are revived.

Deepest condolences to the families who lost their loved ones. Let's pray there are no more casualties.

Guwahati-Puri Express derailed - Helpline Numbers

Howrah-Delhi-Kalka Express derailment - Helpline numbers

Allahabad: 0532 2408149

Aligarh - 0571-2403055/56

Fatehpur: 05180-222025, 222026, 222436

New Delhi: 011-23342954 , 23341074, 23967332

Kurja- 05738-253084/85