Do not travel on footboard, doors can fly!

Four-year old Sharnu Kumbhar and 35-year old Chandrabai Hadkamal lost their arms yesterday in a freak accident.

As the16529 Mumbai-Bengaluru Udyan Express they were travelling by ran between Nahur and Mulund stations, a door panel of an Ambarnath-CST local travelling in the opposite direction came off its frame and hit their compartment. While Sharnu (left hand wrist had to be amputated) was sitting by the window, Chandrabai (lost her right arm) was seated near the door as she did not have any reservation.

Ex-gratia payment of Rs.5000/- each has been announced for the injured passengers. Seriously!!! Imagine all that you can do with Rs 5000 all your life when you do not have an arm! Well, I won't continue complaining here... what's the point?

Due to this incident, 12534 Mumbai-Lucknow Pushpak Express and 11029 Mumbai-Kolhapur Koyna Express were delayed by 30 minutes. 


Akshay said...

It was a freak and unfortunate accident. I really cannot blame the motormen of the Udyan Express for not halting the train on time. It is important to note whether if the engine was running in the long-hood forward mode or with the short-hood forward mode. Once we can identify this, it becomes easier to suggest remedies.

Anuradha Khanna Pentapalli said...

wow Akshay, you know so much abt trains - long-hood forward mode... short-hood forward mode... we look forward to your comments and views on the blog.