Bogie of CST-Kalyan train derails

My friend Keyur just informed me that a bogie of CST-Kalyan train has derailed near CST station in Mumbai. As per the current reports (9.30 am, December 21, 2011) there are no casualties.

Click here to check out the derailments that happened in the last 2 years and you would know how this problem must be attended to immediately.
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2nd March 2011:
Train derailment in Navi Mumbai today
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13th April 2010: Garib Rath Express train derailed between Kalyan and Shahard stations 
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18th January 2010: Panvel train derails near Belapur station 
13th November 2009: 2 coaches of a train from Kasara derailed at CST


Sanjay said...

it is taking too much of time to reach cst. After 2 hrs i have reached from Dadar to Byculla


Anonymous said...

Same here man, even i got stucked and reached my office late by 3 hrs.


Anonymous said...

Same here, even i reached my office late by 2.5 hrs.