Sunday Mega Block Timings - 14th October 2012

Between Kurla and Mankhurd:
All Down Harbour line trains (What are Up line trains and Down line trains) for Vashi / Belapur / Panvel leaving CST station from 10.23 am to 3.01 pm will remain suspended.

Up Harbour line trains leaving Panvel/Belapur/Vashi from 10.20 am to 3.04 pm will remain suspended.

Special trains will run between CST and Kurla, also between Mankhurd and Panvel during the block period.

Western line night block between Vasai and Virar:
Three-hour jumbo block from 1 am to 4 am o­n both Up & Down slow line between Vasai Road and Virar stations. During the block some Down Churchgate-Virar locals and Up Virar-Churchgate locals will be run on fast track between Virar and Vasai Road/Borivali stations.