The world around is not a dustbin!

For the last one month, there has not been a single day when I haven't witnessed people littering through the windows of the local trains. What's more disheartening is that mothers, seemingly educated as is visible from the way they dress and travel in the first class compartment, do so in the presence of their little kids. It's one thing that they do not understand the importance of keeping the city clean. But passing on such habits to the next generation is creating a future city of rubbish around us.

Have I not stopped people from doing so? Well, I very much have. But somehow during this week, no one is listening!

Last week, on Republic Day, one young married woman who proudly flaunted her Samsung Galaxy Tab threw some crumpled papers out of the window in the process of clearing up her handbag. When I tried to stop her from doing so, she simply shooed me and indulged in the task. Much to my shock she did not show any single sign of embarrassment / guilt whatsoever. Generally, in my experience, when I stop people from throwing wrappers, they either look embarrassed or say, "Oh, I never do that, just today..." But this one was unique!

Today, a young well-educated mother did a similar thing in presence of her sweet little girl. Somehow, I was not comfortable telling her in her daughter's presence as she continued to pamper her lovingly. By the time I decided whether or not I should ask her that she shouldn't do so, she had already thrown away two chocolate wrappers. There was a difference though. The kid handed the wrappers to the mother who did the 'needful'.

The mother had no guilt but I feel guilty about not stopping her.

I had written a post earlier in 2009 about the same concern (you can read it here). Nothing has changed over the years! I guess I must write to the authorities and tell them that they should do something about it. May be print some lines by the windows and doors asking people not to litter and some fine must be imposed.

I can never forget the day when an Englishwoman once told me in Rajasthan that she had once visited Mumbai and was shocked the way people keep the city dirty, throwing rubbish around. I tried to defend the reputation of the city, however the fact remains a fact.

So I have four requests:
  1. Please do not throw rubbish in / out of the trains and on stations / railway tracks. Next time when you board a train, just look out on the tracks. Every piece of paper, orange peels, plastic bottles and plastic bags is stuff collected gradually over months and years as some people think "It's just a chocolate wrapper, it's not creating 'kachra!"
  2. If you notice someone doing so, please interrupt and politely ask the person not to. Why politely, as these people are definitely also the ones who easily pick up fights. 
  3. Please do not ignore this post. The message must reach everyone. Please contribute in keeping the city clean by sharing this post.
  4. If you know anyone in railways who is the right person to take up this matter, please share the details with me.


desi Traveler said...

For some reason we want to keep our homes clean but are not bothered about surroundings. I have seen people in there BMWs lowering glass and throwing bottles and cans and other stuff out. Public hygiene should be part of school curriculum.

Tomichan Matheikal said...

Throwing garbage anywhere, spitting anywhere, and even shitting anywhere - typical Indian behaviour. We are a shameless lot with no sense of cleanliness or hygiene.

indu chhibber said...

It i really hopeless-this habit of ours...whenever i come out of the army area i am always shocked at the stark contrast in cleanliness between the two cantonments everything is neat,painted ,spick n span...but outside all kachra.