Letter to those with camera phones:

It's a shame that someone has to say this but when you witness an accident DON'T JUST CLICK PHOTOS, HELP PEOPLE.

Another derailment happened in Mumbai yesterday. One killed, 23 injured. Suddenly, again, a person became a number. HSC student Dhaval Lodaya (17) could not be saved. Could have been saved. Only if medical help arrived in time. Reportedly, it took 90 minutes. I know, it is not a surprise to most of Mumbaikars. But there were people, a lot of people. Some injured, some just saved, some onlookers. And yet, in those 90 minutes when the ambulance did not arrive, people kept clicking photos, or that's what I read in the newspaper.
Seriously, what were they thinking? Oh nice opportunity to get some snaps and tell people, "I was there!" Dhaval's friend Jay Lodharia told TOI," People who gathered kept clicking pictures, but no one came to help us." 90 minutes. Did someone not have the presence of mind to so something more useful. Finally a couple of journalists helped make a makeshift stretcher. The fact that a makeshift stretcher had to be made shows us the harsh reality that when it comes to dealing with such tragedies there's still a long way to go to get things organised, at least the medical help bit.

But people clicking photos instead of helping? I am gonna be really rude here to these handful of people. Do let us know if God forbid you ever meet an accident. We will arrive to click your pics.

Please help people.
My condolences to Dhaval's family. And apologies on behalf of the city who seems to stop thinking from heart once in a while.
Show your support as Dhaval's friends have started a campaign to demand justice and do something about getting medical help in time  - Join the Facebook page now.

The list of the derailments that have happened in the past years tells us something must be really wrong.


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