Chaos at Nalasopara railway station; Police opens fire

Today (September 1), the crowd really got violent at Nallasopara station due to the delay in local train services. So much so that the police had to open fire in the air to disperse the people! After all, commuters blocked railway tracks and disrupted services (the same commuters who were annoyed by the delay now added to the delay).

Earlier, an overhead power cable had snapped near Borivali station and then followed late arrival and departure of trains. Worst, this happened at peak hours. As a result, local trains between Borivli and Virar were running late by almost half-an-hour.

Gradually, commuters at Nalasopara station started losing patience, came on the tracks and started protesting against the railways. When cops arrived, they had to face the brunt as angry commuters started pelting stones on them. Eventually, police had to lathi-charge and open fire in the air.

I understand commuters getting furious, I would have lost my temper too in such a situation. But pelting stones??? That was totally uncalled for. Come on guys, aren’t we making things worse? Pelting stones would only result in hurting some of us and breaking window panes of the trains. And then we’ll complain about broken windows. When we expect the railways to improve (and it is trying too), we too must behave better, shouldn’t we? THINK.

By the way, Western line trains were delayed even yesterday (August 31) due to a technical snag at Bhayander station.


Sundeep Mohnot said...

The commuters have to resort to this and during ANGER, all senses stop working. A man is at worst when in anger. So they do whatever seems right to them at that moment. It's a fact that governments all over the world take the citizens for granted. And when they revolt it's termed as illegal. This is how a revolution starts. Never take the public for granted. They are capable of creating and destroying Empires.

Anuradha Khanna Pentapalli said...

I disagree with you. If every man becomes his worst when in anger, you know what would become of this world soon. Also, we do revolt at such petty issues but keep quiet when people come and carry out blasts and open fire in our city. Why didn’t we protest like this after all those sad incidents that brought Mumbai to a standstill? Why don’t we gather and pelt stones on those responsible when we know who they are? In such cases, we wait for years together for the verdict to be out. But we can’t stand a delay in train services by a few minutes on one bad day. Sometimes, there’s a very thin line between right and wrong. In the Nalasopara case, people could have tried another alternative rather than violence.

sonali said...

virar ladies daily working passengers r not good, on wen 9th dec 2009 afternoon time one lady from gholwad dead coz of this passenger one lady push her she is middle age person!!! no one gave hand to help her when she is afraid she went down in the train and cut of two part what is this shame on mumbai and shame on mumbai local and also shame on virar daily workers!!! shame shame shame

Anonymous said...

Sonali , let me tell you that the ladies standing on door are not from virar, as virar people our inside the compartment . these ladies are those who get in the next stations after virar.
So before blaming anyone thing what you are talking . If that was the case why didint you gave her a hand of help .
First learn english & then write.