14th to 16th August MEGA BLOCK - First and last Harbour line trains timing

As reported earlier, the 48-hour long Mumbai local trains mega block on Central and Harbour lines will start from 14th August 2009. The mega block might cause some inconvenience to the commuters, but we shouldn’t mind since it’s for a good purpose – remodeling of Masjid station.
Now if you are planning to travel by local trains just before / after the mega block, you may want to keep the timings handy. Listed below is the timetable of Harbour Line local trains to and from CST station on 14th to 16th August:

Harbour Line - 14th August Train Timings
Last local train from CST station - 10 pm
Last local train to reach CST station - 9:56 pm

Harbour Line - 15th August Train Timings
No trains will leave from CST or arrive at CST

Harbour Line - 16th August Train Timings
First local train from CST station – 11:50 pm
First local train to reach CST station – 11:33 pm


kala vijayaraghavan said...

very informative post and it would be useful for people who use these lines on those days.
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