Thane train accident update -Travel to Thane via Kurla-Vashi-Thane route

Following the Thane train accident (23rd October 2009)and disruption of services, the railway authorities have taken a fast and smart step to ensure that commuters reach their destinations without much difficulty. Announcements are being made and notice boards been placed at stations that if commuters want to travel to Thane they can go to Kurla, take a train to Vashi and then take the Vashi - Thane train.

Though it is a good move, there is quite some panic among the passengers. Getting in and out of the train is extremely tough. Worst is the platform number 7 of Kurla from where people can board the train to Vashi. At 6:30 pm, when I took the last bridge (Vashi end footover bridge) the platform was so packed that the crowd was standing even at the base of the bridge. Of course, I managed to somehow get in the train since ladies first class was not crowded. But I am sure it had been very tough for the men and the female commuters taking the second class. At every station,we could hear men shouting and stuffing themselves inside the compartments. One bad day in Mumbai local trains :(