Train accident between Thane and Mulund, Pipeline falls on Central line train

A water pipeline fell on a moving train between Thane and Mulund stations today (23rd October 2009). The train was moving from CST to Kalyan i.e. Central Railway's mainline. The incident happened around 10:45 am. As of now, there is news of six commuters being injured. I hope there are no casualties. The motorman (driver) and some passengers are trapped under the debris.

Obviously, train services are affected as the debris is being removed. In fact a few trains are stuck at some stations. A source tells me that there is a lot of water wastage happening due to the pipe burst and the flooding due to it is affecting the operations.

UPDATE - Kurla station is very crowded now at 6.30 pm


Anonymous said...

the latest news update says one person died in this accident. Another colleague said no train service between Ghatkopar-Thane for the next 30 hours.

Anuradha Khanna Pentapalli said...

ya i too read no local train service between thane and ghatkopar for the next 30 hours. i doubt it can take that long. perhaps it is a typing error. and yes, there is news about one person's death :( hope it's not true. donno if they have been able to rescue the motorman yet.

adarsh said...

this was an dangerous accident in which many unknown people were hardly injured and some of them were dead. i personly feel sometimes very guilty that if i would have came through that train then my life would have be ofcourse in danger. thank god
but really sad for them who overcame this type of situation