WR prepares for future flash strikes by motormen

Flash strikes seem to have become the 'in' thing with the motormen. I don't say that their demands are unreasonable. The motormen work with great responsibility on their shoulders and they deserve the best. However, protesting at the cost of commuters' convenience is something very uncalled for. C'mon, during peak hours we travel in Mumbai local trains as if we were in hell. Standing and balancing ourselves in overcrowded trains sometimes on one foot is not a joke.

All we focus on is ensuring that we don't fall off the train.
Flash strikes leave us in a place worse than hell. I'm glad that WR is taking steps to prevent us from being struck by strikes.

So what is WR's plan?
Well, the officials are training some drivers of long-distance passenger trains to operate local trains! So next time when the motormen plan to go on a flash strike, these Samaritans would come to our rescue. But will the motormen who observe the strike stay quiet? Well, I just hope that WR also takes care of the security of the proxy drivers. Good step WR!