Teenager Sagar Dogle lost life over a Mumbai local train seat issue

My condolences to the family of 18-year old Sagar Dogle who lost his life after being thrown off from a moving local train on 20th February. And why? Because someone wanted to occupy his seat in the train!

Just yesterday I had written about the condition of commuters in Mumbai local trains:

"During peak hours we travel in Mumbai local trains as if we were in hell. Standing and balancing ourselves in overcrowded trains sometimes on one foot is not a joke. All we focus on is ensuring that we don't fall off the train."

Little did I know that today I'll read a report of a young guy losing his life just because someone wanted to travel comfortably!

Four people just got into a compartment and beat up Sagar and his brother-in-law Sanjay Pimplekar because the previous day Sagar did not offer his seat to one of the accused. What were the other commuters doing? How could this just happen? And even if we assume that the four men were strong-built, couldn't some commuter at least pull the chain on noticing that someone was thrown off the train? At least someone could have dialed the emergency helpline number provided in every compartment. What happened to our conscience? Imagine what his family must be going through! It could have happened with any one of us or our near and dear ones. Poor Sanjay had to keep changing compartments until he reached Thane to look for Sagar. Wake up commuters, have a heart, act when you must.