Women's Day special in Mumbai local trains

Come Women's Day and I get nostalgic with a particular memory of Mumbai local trains. It was during our post graduation days. We ended up boarding a ladies special train on 8th March and were more than surprised. Why? Coz the entire train was elegantly decorated. Yes there were red / pink balloons adorning the entire train. And then there were these girls distributing sachets of Ponds blackhead removal strips. I think it might have been during the launch of the product.

Being in the train made us all feel very special. It was a beautiful sight to see all the female commuters exchanging smiles and feeling wonderful. I did not see anyone arguing that day over a seat or anything. Wow, great ambiance does work wonders!

Wondering if ladies special trains are still treated specially on these days. If you happen to board one today, do let us know. And yes, HAPPY WOMEN'S DAY!


magiceye said...

ambiance does work wonders!

happy womens day to you!

Anuradha Khanna Pentapalli said...