Local train commuter - alert and active!

The Mumbai Mirror news about cops nabbing a person who was mistaken to be terrorist brought a smile on my face. Why? Because it was the result of a tip-off by an alert local train commuter and proved that some Mumbaiites are being responsible citizens!

As per the report, Dadar resident Bhavesh Patel noticed a man carrying a rifle. He showed enough presence of mind by informing the GRP about the man. Impressively, the GRP and Mumbai police laid a trap and nabbed the suspect at CST station. It was soon discovered that the suspect was a constable and bodyguard of the IGP of RPF and he was released.

I wish that each one of us shows alertness like Bhavesh Patel and report suspicious activities and unclaimed baggage to the authorities. Unlike this incident:

The other day, I reached platform 7 of Kurla station and found a huge box lying unattended on the platform.Commuters waiting for the train were looking at it suspiciously and just maintained a distance from it! When I asked some people about the bag, they said they have no idea who left it and neither did they bother to find out. As I was about to call the helpline number, the owner of the man came, picked up the box and boarded the train the arrived. He was actually standing at the edge of the platform all the while checking out if the train is approaching.

I condemn such indifference by commuters. They were alert enough to notice the box and stay away from it, but did not have the sense of responsibility to do something about it. Shouldn't they have called up and complained to GRP / RPF instead of calling up friends and indulging in office gossip for once?