Motormen strike affects Mumbai on 2nd day

As the motormen strike continues on the second day (4th May 2010) in Mumbai, Central Railways has advised people to opt for local trains only if absolutely necessary. Both Western Railway and Central Railway motormen are on indefinite strike since yesterday to protest since their demands are not met.

Apparently only 15-20% local trains are running today, obviously resulting in crowd and irritation at the stations across Mumbai.

What to do if you must travel today: I think it's would be great to leave a bit late from home as well as return late from work. In that case, you'd avoid the peak hour traffic that would be a lot today since many people will travel by road. Try and see if you can travel by sharing cabs, cars and rickshaws since it will result in lesser number of vehicles on road, lesser overall time to commute for all, lesser pollution and lesser expenditure.

Kindly update the status on the comments section for the benefit of fellow commuters.