Good Samaritans in Mumbai local trains

This is your blog post!

That's right. I've spoken a lot in this blog. Now it's your turn. How often it happens we come across a stranger who helps us in the smallest possible way in a Mumbai local train and before we can even see the good Samaritan's face, he / she disappears in thin air!

Well, this is your chance to thank the person... who knows the good soul might be reading this! Inviting you to share any good deed in the Mumbai local trains... a person offering you a seat, someone just giving you a smile on a dull day, someone helping you alight from the train when you give up all hope...For instance, I was trying to board a Vashi local last week with a heavy suitcase. This guy saw how inconvenient it was for me and helped me out. It made my day after a super hectic traveling schedule!

So what are you waiting for? Pen your small / big experiences in the comments section and I'll update it on this blog post (of course, with a link to your blog... in case the person you are thanking needs to say "welcome"!)

And here you go!
Mumbai Paused (hope the link is right): "I once passed out on a very crowded peak hour Malad to CGate fast. I don't remember much but I was offered place to sit and drinking water materialised out of thin air. And I was allowed easy passage out at Mum Central." 
Niket: I don't understand how the Mumbaikars failed to comment on this one... This incident happened with me when I was traveling in the 2nd class compartment toward Borivali during the peak hour and this man literally sneezed on my back and by the time I turned, everyone was staring at me (instead of at the person who sneezed). Anyways, my sincere vote of thanks to that ill mannered rustic creature! And now you would wonder what the hell on earth has pricked my grey matter that here I am thanking a prick who should have received a good sounding instead. Imagine, a friend of mine was actually sneezed at, RIGHT ON HIS FACE! hahaha...
Ozymandias: And this I heard in the train yesterday. A passenger sitting by me suddenly addressed another one sitting nearby.
P1: "Friday maine dekha tha tumko." (I saw you on Friday) P2: Hmmm P1: Tum peeke gutter mein pade the...(You were drunk and lying in the gutter) P2: Haan...(Yes...) P1: Aaj sab theek hai? (Is everything alright today?)
And I said to myself, "Wow". Either P1 respected that P2 was a mature adult who could be expected to take care of himself and know good and bad; and yet respected him as an individual and equal OR P2 was such a callous person that he would let his friend rot in the gutter as he passed by, and then insensitively raise the issue next day! Humans never fail to surprise! 


Niket said...
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Anuradha Khanna Pentapalli said...

tht's hilarious Niket! hope to see u arnd this blog more often!

Anuradha Khanna Pentapalli said...

@Ozymandias - interesting conversation. it's weird how P1 brought out the topic in public!

Anuradha Khanna Pentapalli said...

@Ozymandias - and for some reason, i am unable to give line breaks to the conversation