Central Railway gets better than WR

I stayed in western suburbs until late 2008. And on rare occasions
when I had to travel on the central line, I used to find it a bit
uncomfortable. But now I realise that it was only due to the smaller
ladies first class compartments. Minus that, after travelling on the
central line for over an year now I must admit CR is far better! The
crowd in the trains, the regular addition of services and routes and
the improvements implemented are really commendable. Check out the TOI
today (June 14, 2010) and you would know what I mean. Every few
months, additinal train services are included in the transharbour line
and I'm only glad to keep updating the train timetables on this blog!
PS sorry for the recent delay in updating timetables, but I'm
travelling around India a lot these days. Will update asap.


mumbai paused said...

I used to travel by WR and I now use the Harbour Line. And I have to agree with you.