How good is your Cutting Chai?

Cutting chai is irresistible if you are from Mumbai. Be it a chai tapri near our offices or a tea stall at a railway station, we do observe but love to ignore the unclean glasses, the houseflies and all that I need not mention. After all, nothing beats the magic of cutting chai.

Now the big news is that the tea stalls at railway stations have come under a scanner. As per today’s TOI report, railway staff has collected samples of tea, tealeaves, tea powder and milk from stalls at several railway stations. Hopefully in a week’s time, we’ll come to know how adulterated (or clean) the tea we drink is. But what if the report says that it’s all unadulterated. What about the way the glasses in which tea is served are cleaned?

All said and done, one thing’s for clear – if we are used to having the chai ki chuski at the railway / roadside tea stalls, we will never be able to resist the urge. It’s like telling cigarette smokers that smoking is injurious to health!

Time for my tea break! Do let me know if you have / will continue to have tea from the stalls no matter what.