Travelling on train's rooftop causes death

Today (12th January 2011), a 25-year-old Mumbai local train commuter Murari Abhiram Chaudhari, got on to the roof of a crowded 8:32am Virar-Borivli train at Nallasopara station. In no time, he was electrocuted.

Worst still, his burning body remained on the roof since nothing could be done to save him until the power supply was stopped.

My deepest condolences to his family.

Again, I urge you all to stop getting on to the rooftops of local trains. It is seriously FATAL.

Don't forget that the lines are using 25,000 volts of alternating current. So earlier electrocution could happens on touching the wires. But now even if you are within 2 metres of the overhead wires, you will be pulled then you know what happens.

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