Lying in crowded trains

So what if sitting or standing is almost impossible in crowded local trains. Lying is surely possible!

Now we are well aware of the 'loudspeakers' in trains . All right, speaking loudly to fellow passengers during the act of pushing, hurting, hitting, seat sharing, hair combing, littering, elbowing... is something we are used to. But there are certain 'loudspeakers' that make all of us smile in unison. The liars!

So how many times have you come across such situations in trains:

  1. Woman loudly complaining on the phone as a CST bound train crosses Vashi station: Where have you been? I reached Wadala an hour ago. Since you had not reached, I was on my way back and have already reached Chembur. Will return in 30 minutes!
  2. Woman screaming when the train reached Mahim station: Yeah yeah, I am at Dadar only. Cant see you.... Oh may be I am on the other bridge... will call you back.
  3. Man politely explaining to wife over the phone while boarding a Virar fast from Bandra: Arre I could not board a Virar fast. I had to take a Borivali slow. Now I went to another platform at Borivali to take a Virar train, but there is no train for the last 15 minutes.
  4. THE BEST ONE: Damn, there's so much traffic!


Rida said...

Very true.. have come across so many like this.. Once a woman standing besides me in semi-fast train from CST to Kalyan was talking over the phone someone said that, "Please, I don't live at Mumbra that cheap place.. I toh live at Nerul and change a train from Thane.. I observed her till Mumbra station come and You know what she got down at Mumbra Station only.. Which shocked me Completely.."

Niket said...

Very common in local trains: Even if the person is at Bandra "Train buss abhi Andheri se nikli hai...15 minute may pahunch jaunga main"

magiceye said...

:) good ones!

Anuradha Khanna Pentapalli said...

thank you all :)

Shrinidhi Hande said...

cellphones have given that liberty to lie conveniently

Pooja said...

Interesting topic!!!
I enjoy travelling by the locals.. The conversation you hear range from ghastly to utterly ridiculous. It is quite entertaining..

And frankly I've lied myself ;).