Rail Budget 2011: Mumbai Commuters React

Rail Budget means different things for different people. So while for Mamata Banerjee it holds a lot of importance with the elections starting soon, for Mumbai local train commuters it means the quality of at least two hours of their day. After all, most of us travel from one end of the city to another everyday at peak hours.

So here are some reactions on Rail Budget 2011:

Keyur, who loves travelling by trains, says, "I want the budget to focus a lot on the cleanliness aspect. More than our non-AC railway compartments, our railway platforms are so unclean and full of litter that it is embarrassing when such a sight is witnessed by a foreigner. I am really fond of railways and I derive a lot of pleasure by train journeys so naturally I want it to be neat and clean. By doing this, train journeys will provide more pleasure. Hence for that, I want the railway minister to provide not just money power but also manpower to keep our platforms clean."

Yogita, a central and western line daily commuter, is glad that the age for senior citizen concession in case of women is reduced to 58 years. She says, "I would have been more happy if there were more boarding facilities and discounts for physically challenged commuters and students. Also, the infrastructure is age-old which should be looked at."